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All articles • 'nationalist party'
Updated | Delia: PN must unite in unanimous voice to succeed
National 26-11

The Nationalist Party leader said unity was the only way to challenge the government and the lack of rule of law

Bank feared PN could not repay €7m debt
National 26-11

Party leader Adrian Delia said the present administration might consider expanding on on what he described as an intelligent move by the previous PN administration

PN had committed to selling ten clubs to control escalating debt
National 25-11

Party created 'Patria Trust', structure aimed to alleviate pressure of rising interest rates on debt running into many millions

Desperate times call for desperate measures
Editorial 22-11

According to statistics, Delia's approval rate is the lowest ever registered by a PN leader before... more worrying still, it's dropped by 6.9% in recent weeks

MaltaToday Survey | Muscat’s trust rating at all-time high as Delia flounders [FULL DATA]
Data & Surveys 20-11

The party in government has seen its share of the vote increase by 3.4 percentage points to 49.8% when compared to the results of the October MaltaToday survey, which was done before the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

PN: Muscat is ignoring country’s major safety problem
National 19-11

Prime Minister did not comment about security situation in Malta or on fact people are becoming accustomed to murders, PN say. Labour respond that 2012 year which saw most murders, Delia politicising everything

Delia and Cacopardo say political parties must work together in country’s interest
National 17-11

PN leader Adrian Delia and AD chairperson Carmel Cacopardo meet to discuss Malta’s current institutional and constitutional problems

Government hits back at criticism over Egrant whistleblower arrest warrant
National 16-11

It stressed that arrest warrants were issued by the courts independently from the any other institution and that government was obliged to respect the rule of law

Seven men, six women on PN block vote list are elected
National 05-11

Significant portion of names on PN executive election block vote list, reported on last week, elected yesterday

Gap between PL and PN grows to 75,000 votes, only 38% of Maltese satisfied law is respected, surveys show
National 05-11

Separate surveys indicate only 22% of respondents will vote for the PN, most think traffic biggest problem country is facing

PN executive election under way today, 59 contenders, 18 posts
National 04-11

Candidates including former MP Josie Muscat, two father-daughter tandems, and various media personalities, vie for seat on PN executive 

[WATCH] Opposition to put forward rule of law proposals in Parliament tomorrow
National 29-10

Adrian Delia said that after the Government refused to do so last week, tomorrow’s parliament will discuss the national situation after Caruana Galizia’s murder

Majority of PN MPs snub meeting on rule of law House debate
National 28-10

After having repeatedly criticised the government for not suspending scheduled parliamentary proceedings to discuss the rule of law in Malta following Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder, most PN MPs fail to turn up for a meeting to discuss strategy ahead of Monday’s debate

Chris Said calls for ‘concrete action’ in wake of journalist’s murder
National 27-10

The Gozitan MP said the more time passes, the angrier he felt and the more he believed he could do

PN condemns Joseph Muscat’s Dubai visit
National 25-10

The Nationalist Party condemn Muscat's visit to Dubai, accusing him of adopting a 'business as usual' attitude, amidst a 'national tragedy'

The divine comedy
Blogs 16-10

If you had to put the four candidates – Edwin Vassallo, David Agius, Arrigo and Bezzina – in a giant incubator to isolate their strengths rather than their weaknesses, and their grey matter rather than their white matter, we would be horribly shocked

MaltaToday Survey | Delia suffers trust deficit among PN voters
Data & Surveys 08-10

MaltaToday’s first trust barometer survey since the June 2017 elections finds Joseph Muscat’s trust rating running at 51% nationally

[WATCH] Nationalist Party leader questions whether surplus is really benefiting the people
National 01-10

Adrian Delia was interviewed on Radio 101, where he discussed the budgetary surplus, the screening of candidates for important posts, the Good Samaritan’s Act and the educational system

Karol Aquilina considers calling urgent meeting of PN administrative council
National 23-09

After MaltaToday reveals confidential report on falsification of voters’ signatures, the highest body in the PN is considering meeting to discuss disciplinary action against Jean Pierre Debono

Hermann Schiavone willing to sacrifice seat to get Adrian Delia into parliament
National 21-09

The Nationalist MP and Delia backer denied rumours that he was being pressured into giving up his seat  

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