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All articles • 'panama papers'
Appeal on Panama Papers investigation to be heard in public
Court & Police 18-09

The appeal proceedings on a magistrate's decision to launch an investigation into money laundering claims against Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri will be held in public

PN says Russian whistleblower claims on family harassment ‘alarming’
National 18-08

The Nationalist Party has called reports that whistleblower's Maria Efimova's family is being threatened “appalling”

Appeal against ‘procedurally wrong’ decision to hold money laundering inquiry
Court & Police 01-08

A total of seven appeals have been filed against Magistrate Ian Farrugia’s decision, which gives the go-ahead for a magisterial inquiry to be held over money laundering allegations

Keith Schembri’s police report ‘falls flat on its face’ after magistrate’s decree – Jason Azzopardi
National 26-07

The shadow justice minister insisted that rather than uphold a part of Simon Busuttil’s request the magistrate had accepted it ‘in its totality'

Magistrate to kick-start Panama Papers inquiry into Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi
National 26-07

Magistrate Ian Farrugia has found enough grounds for a magisterial inquiry into allegations raised by PN leader Simon Busuttil

[WATCH] Busuttil lambasts Schembri’s police complaint as a ‘fascist attack on democracy’
National 20-07

Simon Busuttil accuses Joseph Muscat of ‘buying thousands of votes through corrupt practices’

Panama polemicist Mark Sammut and his Gibraltar company sued over copyright breach
Court & Police 18-07

University of Malta professor sues Panama Papers polemicist Mark Sammut and his Gibraltar publishing firm over intellectual property breach

German police pays €5 million for Panama Papers
World 06-07

Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is reported to have paid an informant €5 million for a copy of the Panama Papers, which it will use to investigate possible tax evasion by German citizens

Two FIAU officials sacked, Nationalist MP says
National 30-06

FIAU compliance chief Charles Cronin and head of financial analysis unit Jonathan Ferris ‘sacked’ from anti money laundering unit

Minister cannot say if ‘Egrant’ magistrate has requested to take inquiry abroad
National 28-06

Nationalist MP asks minister whether any magistrate requested the facility to go abroad in the process of carrying out an inquiry

‘I’m going to tell on you’
Blogs 15-06

The way forward for our country is not going to be achieved by this “I’m going to tell on you at the EU” approach. We desperately need real bipartisan agreement to ensure that our institutions are strengthened

Prime Minister faces grilling by MEPs on Panama Papers, Malta’s rule of law
Europe 14-06

The Labour leader is said to be relishing the opportunity to face MEPs after telling supporters at a victory rally on Saturday that he would be travelling to Strasbourg as the “shield” of his country.

PN condemns Scicluna’s FIAU comments: ‘elections don’t cancel out illegalities’
National 13-06

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has suggested that FIAU reports were penned with an intent to be leaked to the press – the PN has condemned his comments

OLAF has opened investigation into EU leaders in Panama Papers scandal
Europe 09-06

The EU’s anti-fraud office OLAF is investigating several European politicians and high-ranking civil servants for tax evasion, using information leaked in the Panama Papers scandal

LNG tanker subcontractor denies kickback claims in FIAU report
National 01-06

Orion Engineering’s owner Mario Pullicino has denied having paid commissions to PEPs in connection with the LNG tanker at Delimara

Good governance – It’s our right
Blogs 30-05

PN candidate Alex Perici Calascione writes: Once again, we as a nation are at a crossroads. These elections go beyond any one single issue or proposal. It is all about putting Malta back on the track of good governance

Dubai companies ‘target clients’ of Panama companies, according to FIAU report excerpts
National 29-05

Nexia partner Karl Cini would have described Dubai companies set up by LNG tanker owners as ‘target clients’ of Mizzi and Schembi offshore companies

The mud bath
Blogs 29-05

In this campaign the media has come together to rally against the government’s record on governance

One bad deed is enough to lose reputation
Blogs 26-05

PN candidate Alex Mangion writes: The name of Malta as a serious player in international financial services provision have been completely tarnished by these revelations, which have clearly shown that for Joseph Muscat and his cortege, the country clearly comes second after their personal interests

What choosing Malta means
Blogs 23-05

PN candidate Roselyn Knight writes: My promise is that I will be true to you as I am true to me. I can promise you that I will strive and deliver to the best of my abilities

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