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All articles • 'panama papers'
Greens: One year after Panama Papers, EU states should stop blocking tax reforms
Europe 03-04


Biggest leak in history made clear what many had long suspected: how easy it has been to evade taxes or launder dirty money

Police chief says In-Nazzjon misinterpreting comments on Panama investigation
National 02-03

Lawrence Cutajar reiterates 2016 statement that police found no reasonable suspicion of serious crime

If Mizzi is an embarrassment... what about Juncker?
Blogs 02-03

Unlike Konrad Mizzi, Jean-Claude Juncker was approved for the position of Commission President AFTER the Luxleaks scandal, which revealed that the former Luxembourg PM had turned his own country into a tax haven

[WATCH] Muscat: Decision to investigate Panama Papers lies with Police Commissioner
Court & Police 24-02

Prime Minister awaiting PANA committee conclusions, says it's up to Police Commissioner to decide whether an investigation should be launched

Fenech Adami scoffs at suggestion Europol could investigate CapitalOne case
National 23-02

Nationalist Party insists Prime Minister Joseph Muscat must face allegations that his minister may have setup offshore accounts for money laundering purposes 

Panama Papers | Nexia BT publishes answers to PANA committee questions
National 22-02

Mossack Fonseca agents who acquired Egrant shelf company said they had denied back in April 2016 to Malta Independent that Maltese prime minister was ultimate beneficiary

German MEP Sven Giegold: Where’s Panamagate police investigation?
National 22-02

Panama a ‘textbook case of money laundering’, MEP says over puzzling absence of police investigation

Nationalist MEPs: Police chief disrupting Panama investigation into money laundering
National 21-02

Socialist MEP Ana Gomes: ‘Unacceptable that Keith Schembri challenges our legal standing’

[WATCH] ‘Trust was always about family estate planning,’ Konrad Mizzi tells MEPs
National 20-02

OPM Minister Konrad Mizzi publishes audit of Rotorua Trust and tells MEPs that the setup gave ‘a sensational opportunity’ to his political exponents

Facing MEPs on CapitalOne, Fenech Adami says he's proud of PN's fight against corruption
National 20-02

The PN deputy leader told the PANA committee that Panamagate has tarnished Malta’s international reputation as a serious financial services centre

Skype call was ‘never about Egrant’, Nexia BT insists
National 20-02

Brian Tonna reiterates that Nexia BT never had a client who would be the ultimate beneficial owner of Egrant Inc

[WATCH] MEPs told of Panama fallout and Malta's role in global tax avoidance game
National 20-02

‘The MEPs were mainly interested in Malta’s financial services system and tax regime, the role of gaming companies, and the oversight of the police on money laundering’

Updated | PN leader says Nexia boss is lying over Egrant ownership
National 19-02

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said Brian Tonna's claims that he owns Egrant, the third offshore company set up at Nexia BT's behest, were belied by his own comments • Labour Party says Simon Busuttil is Malta's ‘biggest ever political liar’

Nexia boss won’t appear before PANA committee: ‘I own Egrant,’ Tonna insists
National 19-02

Nexia BT owner Brian Tonna insists he is the sole owner of Egrant, a mysterious offhsore company created at the same time as Konrad Mizzi’s and Keith Schembri’s Panamanian offshore companies

Konrad Mizzi confirms appearance before EP committee investigating Panama Papers
National 17-02

Konrad Mizzi confirms he will be appearing before the PANA committee on Monday

[WATCH] Prime Minister suggests Konrad Mizzi should appear before PANA committee
National 16-02

Joseph Muscat: “Schembri and Mizzi’s decision will be communicated to the committee within the next hours. As a politician, I believe that politicians called to give their version of events should do so when asked”

Mizzi and Schembri don’t confirm PANA meeting, Nexia bosses turn down invitation
National 15-02

Minister Konrad Mizzi and PM's chief of staff will likely not be attending hearing of the PANA committee in Malta

Updated | Speaker says Panama committee never requested sitting with MPs
National 07-02

Speaker Anglu Farrugia dismisses green party's claims that he ignored a request by the European Parliament's Pana committee to hold a sitting with MPs 

[ANALYSIS] Understanding Malta’s corruption nosedive
National 01-02

In the year of Panamagate Malta dropped 10 places in the Transparency International corruption perceptions index, overtaken by a number of Caribbean nations, some of which were not included in last year’s report. Beyond the inevitable political spin, what does Malta’s nosedive in the global graft index really show?

Updated | Schembri asks for publication of Allied inquiry after Hillman settlement
National 31-01

Publisher withdraws claims and litigation, internal inquiry into bribery allegations not yet published

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