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All articles • 'recipe'
Flaky shortcrust pastry
Food 17-10

Whether you're making a sweet or savoury pie, homemade shortcrust pastry always trumps the ones you get at the supermarket. It is super easy to prepare too.

Pumpkin pie
Food 17-10

Most recipes for pumpkin pie on the internet use tinned pumpkin. Using fresh pumpkin is easy and better for your body.

Cherry pie
Food 17-10

Cherries in Malta are pretty expensive and the season is short. This pie is best made with fresh cherries, though it works well with the frozen variety available in supermarkets.

Apple and caramel pie
Food 17-10

Jazz up your regular apple pie with a bit of caramel for a sweet, sticky variation

Lentil and prawn salad
Food 13-09

With the trend in healthy eating, lentils have really come into their own. Rich in protein and quite filling they make the perfect snack or light meal. Michael Diacono pairs them with local king prawns.

[WATCH] Chermoula aubergines with bulgar wheat salad
Food 11-09

North Africa and the Mediterranean collide in this flavourful stuffed aubergine recipe 

Zucchini and gbejna salad
Food 01-09

How can something so simple taste so good? Michael Diacono uses the freshest of local ingredients to ensure a simple salad is packed full of flavour.

[WATCH] Penne all’Arrabiata
Food 04-08

Penne all'Arrabiata is perfect this time of year with sun kissed tomatoes 

[WATCH] Grilled aspargus and halloumi with spinach and date salad
Food 18-07

Grilled halloumi tops off this fresh and tasty vegetarian salad

Peach, basil and bubbles
Food 07-07

We love local fruit. Peaches and basil go great together, even more so when you add some sweet bubbly. Make sure you make large batches of this one because everyone’s going to want a second. And a third. And a fourth…

Seafood humidor with saffron and anisette
Food 01-07

The saffron and anisette adds more depth of flavour to this recipe by Michael Diacono, giving this well-loved, summer classic a little twist.

Spaghetti rizzi
Food 01-07

A large bowful of spaghetti with rizzi makes you feel like you are eating the sea. Perfect for summer meals, Michael Diacono makes this simple pasta dish full of his favourite things.

Raw sea bass and prawns
Food 01-07

This simple starter is a favourite of Michael Diacono’s. The most important thing is to use the freshest fish available and add very little to the dish. The quality of the fish should speak for itself.

Stuffed mussels with guanciale and breadcrumbs
Food 24-06

We love mussels as part of a fish stew but are all for new ideas. Michael Diacono stuffs some fat mussels with guanciale and breadcrumbs. We like the results!

New potatoes in garlic and honey
Food 24-06

Make your simple boiled potatoes really stand out with Michael Diacono’s recipe by adding honey and pistachios.

Meagre fillet fried in butter, marjoram and lemon
Food 24-06

This recipe works well with any fish fillet. Michael Diacono pan fries his fish in butter, marjoram and lemon and adds fish stock to make a rich sauce.

Mediterranean roasted veg
Food 23-06

This Mediterranean dish is a summer staple. It can be served as an anitpasto, a side for fish or meat or as a meal in itself served with warm Maltese bread. Michael Diacono shares his recipe.

[WATCH] Braised rabbit with prunes
Food 20-06

Long days at work make us crave a home cooked meal. This braised rabbit with prunes hits the spot

Penne with chicken livers and sage
Food 10-06

Chicken livers add depth of flavour to this pasta dish. Michael Diacono uses gluten-free pasta to accommodate friends with allergies.

Lamb brain fritters with egg salad
Food 10-06

Nose-to-tail cooking is making a comeback with dishes featuring offal becoming more and more popular. This is a dish Michael Diacono remembers from his childhood.

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