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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
[LIVE] Busuttil addresses political activity in Mellieha
Election 2017 11:26

Simon Busuttil addresses political activity in Mellieha 

[WATCH] Choosing Malta | Simon Busuttil
Interview 09:30

PN leader Simon Busuttil says the 3 June election is not a choice between himself and Joseph Muscat and is quietly confident that the people will choose Malta and do away with the Labour government 

[WATCH] ‘I was jealous that Labour had a man like Godfrey within its ranks’ – Simon Busuttil
Election 2017 19:05

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says that he had admired former Labour minister and whip Godfrey Farrugia from afar after getting to know the man behind the public persona

[WATCH] Busuttil challenges FIAU to publish unconcluded report
Election 2017 27-05

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says that it would be ‘beyond shocking’ if claims that minister Konrad MIzzi and the prime minister’s chief of staff had received kickbacks on the purchase of the LNG tanker were true

No love lost between leaders during tense broadcast debate
Election 2017 26-05

Both leaders accused each other and their respective party of corruption, as the PN leader Simon Busuttil publishes parts of FIAU reports on Keith Schembri and Pilatus Bank

[Live-Blog] Joseph Muscat, Simon Busuttil square off on Xarabank
Election 2017 26-05

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Opposition leader Simon Busuttil go head-to-head in televised debate

[WATCH] Busuttil accuses Muscat of threatening magistrate: 'He thought Bugeja was his puppet'
Election 2017 26-05

Simon Busuttil condemns Joseph Muscat’s ‘threats’ to magistrate and accuses Prime Minister of threatening the judiciary’s independence

[WATCH] PN unveils metro plan: first train in five years
Election 2017 26-05

PN's metro project estimated at €2.3 billion, first train planned for 2022

[WATCH] ‘Muscat has fallen to a new absurd and ridiculous low’ – Busuttil
Election 2017 25-05

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil said prime minister Joseph Muscat had fallen to new lows if he thought people would believe suggestions that Russia had planted a secret agent to undermine his re-election

[WATCH] Marlene Farrugia not for sale, Busuttil insists
Election 2017 25-05

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil ridicules 'suggestions' that Russian president Vladimir Putin could be concerned about the outcome of the Maltese election so much as to plant undercover agents to undermine prime minister Joseph Muscat

[WATCH] Nationalist Party launches manifesto for ‘socially just, corruption-free’ Malta
Election 2017 24-05

PN launches manifesto, also approved by the Partit Demokratiku, with over 500 proposals which the coalition is campaigning on

PN pledges harsh control on fish farms, underwater museum
Election 2017 24-05

Simon Busuttil says PN government will keep turtle dove spring hunting moratorium, ensure Manoel Island is as open to the public as possible 

[WATCH] Allegations of Russian meddling ‘show Muscat has lost the plot’
Election 2017 24-05

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil dismisses report by ‘Muscat should be humble enough to realize that Putin doesn't care whether he or someone else runs Malta’

What is on the ballot?
Blogs 24-05

This government has been far from perfect. Mistakes were made… but it has delivered on many fronts

Busuttil allegations on Schembri forwarded to new magistrate: PM
Election 2017 23-05

Prime Minister’s office says Simon Busuttil’s new allegations to Egrant inquiry have been forwarded to a new magistrate

PN pledges to revise high-rise policies, abolish inheritance tax
Election 2017 23-05

PN pledges revision of high-rise policies to protect Malta's skyline in a clear rejection of skyscraper proposals 

[WATCH] Busuttil pledges free chemotherapy, claims Muscat 'could privatise' Mater Dei
Election 2017 23-05

Simon Busuttil: 'Muscat's warning against nationalisation of Gozo hospital means he could one day sell Mater Dei'

[ANALYSIS] 2013 vs 2017: A tale of two campaigns
Election 2017 23-05

After four years of governing in prose after winning an election where he campaigned in poetry, Muscat tried the blitzkrieg gamble – a short campaign meant to devastate the opposition.  Is it paying off? James Debono asks

Egrant, a secondary issue? I don’t think so
Blogs 23-05

What sort of a prime minister would Simon Busuttil make, if he feels he can make public accusations of the most calamitous nature imaginable... only to suddenly argue that the issue is no longer important?

Setting the agenda
Blogs 23-05

The PN managing to snatch the initiative from Labour and winning the ‘agenda war’ is a serious setback for Joseph Muscat

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