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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
No cure for the summertime blues
Blogs 07:48

If the government is serious on national reconciliation it cannot go after the protagonists as if they were criminals

Busuttil calls on government to explain decision to pay more for hospital services
National 23-07

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says it was unfathomable how the government had agreed to pay VGH €15 million a year for services than they currently cost

A criminal complaint too far
Editorial 23-07

'As the person caught red-handed opening a secret company, it should be Keith Schembri to prove Busuttil’s allegations wrong'

[WATCH] Busuttil lambasts Schembri’s police complaint as a ‘fascist attack on democracy’
National 20-07

Simon Busuttil accuses Joseph Muscat of ‘buying thousands of votes through corrupt practices’

Prime Minister’s chief of staff files police complaint against Opposition leader
Court & Police 20-07

Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, filed police complaint against outgoing PN leader Simon Busuttil over ‘fabrications, calumny and lying under oath’ • Busuttil pledges 'to fight for democracy'

The PN’s dilemma: continuity or change?
Editorial 20-07

The Nationalist party is caught, as in a vice, between the opposing forces of ‘change’ and ‘continuity’

A letter to Simon and friends
Blogs 18-07

The broad vision of an all encompassing political party that manages to find common ground between different sectors of the population has never managed to survive and exist since Eddie Fenech Adami resigned his leadership post

Simon Busuttil decries ‘total collapse in rule of law’
National 17-07

Simon Busuttil warns of 'total collapse in rule of law' after ex-FIAU official says police had failed to register reports that had implicated Keith Schembri

Muscat given Thursday deadline to respond to Busuttil’s money laundering inquiry request
National 17-07

Simon Busuttil has called for a magisterial inquiry into potential money laundering by Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi 

Is this the best one can do?
Blogs 17-07

Someone who made his success and loads of money and now wants to get to the top, may not necessarily be the right chap for the job of Opposition leader

I have not given up, but election result obliges me to step down – Busuttil
National 16-07

The PN leader said that with justice applied at the convenience of authorities, the party must continue to fight for justice in Malta

Simon Busuttil kills speculation: will not contest leadership election
National 14-07

Speculation has mounted that Simon Busuttil wants to remain leader of the Nationalist Party. But in comments to MaltaToday, Busuttil said he will not ‘re-contest the party leadership’

Simon Busuttil refuses to disclose FIAU leak in magisterial inquiry
National 14-07

PN leader Simon Busuttil has been asked by magistrate leading inquiry into FIAU leaks to disclose source of his information

Updated | Busuttil calls for magisterial inquiry into Mizzi, Schembri for money laundering
National 14-07

Simon Busuttil: 'The election result shouldn’t be used as an excuse to sweep crimes under the carpet' • Keith Schembri set to take 'the necessary legal action' against Busuttil

Simon Busuttil: MPs obliged to vote according to party line on gay marriage
National 09-07

Simon Busuttil said that while MPs were free to voice their disagreement, the party needed to remain united for the common good on the issue of marital equality

Muscat tests conservative PN MPs by calling vote on gay marriage Bill
National 05-07

Joseph Muscat says he is concerned at how PN critics of Bill have declared they will vote in favour of it: 'I want politicians to be honest with themselves'

Busuttil demands list of government sponsorships during election campaign
National 05-07

Simon Busuttil calls on ministers to release list of sponsorships they had handed out during election campaign

[ANALYSIS] Is gay marriage Simon Busuttil’s last stand?
National 04-07

Simon Busuttil is determined to seal his legacy by stamping his feet to ensure PN support for gay marriage.  But will the party be tempted to retrench itself on conservative ground in its elusive search for identity after 2 consecutive defeats?

Busuttil warns of government ‘purge’ as FIAU officials sacked
National 02-07

PN will propose amendment to Marriage Equality Bill to maintain the words 'father' and 'mother' in the law, while adding 'parent' to cater for LGBT+ people

Busuttil: 'PN's new leader must be standard-bearer for honest politics'
National 28-06

In wake of gay marriage debate, Simon Busuttil says PN needs both its conservative and liberal wings to stand a fighting chance in elections  

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