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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
Consensus on parliamentary scrutiny of regulatory heads looking possible
National 08-11

The Opposition presented a series of amendments to the proposed law but no vote was taken in Parliament tonight as further private meetings with the government could lead to an agreement

Appeal on judge’s recusal on money laundering inquiry now in Constitutional Court
Court & Police 07-11

A Constitutional Court is hearing an appeal against a decision by Judge Antonio Mizzi not to recuse himself from an appeal filed by the Prime Minister and high government officials protesting an inquiry into money laundering claims

[LISTEN] Adrian Delia: ‘The Nationalist Party is going through some turbulence, but it’s no coup’
National 04-11

PN leader Adrian Delia at his most candid yet: Caruana Galizia ran character assassination campaign, and Simon Busuttil should have followed Gonzi’s lead and resigned from MP

Constitutional court to hear Busuttil application for Judge Antonio Mizzi’s recusal in November
Court & Police 20-10

A Constitutional application filed by Simon Busuttil, to judge Antonio mizzi, was assigned a hearing on 7 November

Busuttil hits out at 'pathetic' police conference, says PM is 'politically finished'
National 20-10

Ex-Opposition leader calls for resignations of Commissioner of Police and Attorney General, and says Prime Minister Jospeh Muscat is 'politically finished'

Busuttil files Constitutional Court application over Panama Papers appeal
Court & Police 19-10

The former Opposition leader asked the court to overturn a decision  by Judge Antonio Mizzi not to rescuse himself in the appeal regarding the Panama Papers inquiry

Court dismisses Simon Busuttil’s libel suit over disproven allegations of official driver’s impropriety
Court & Police 16-10

Former PN leader loses libel suit as 2015 PL press release deemed to have been based on facts, but - in a separate case - Busuttil is awarded €2,000 in damages in case against It-Torca editor

Judge whose wife is Labour MEP refuses recusal request on Panama inquiry
Court & Police 03-10

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil to challenge judge’s recusal decision in Constitutional Court

Why is Busuttil still Opposition leader?
Blogs 26-09

Rephrase: why hasn't Simon Busuttil taken on board the message that 'the Nationalist Party does not want him as a leader'

Delia looks on as Busuttil represents PN at Independence Day celebrations
National 21-09

Adrian Delia, newly-elected leader of the PN, took a back seat in the official Independence Day celebrations, leaving the constitutionally-recognised leader of the opposition Simon Busuttil to represent the party

[WATCH] Delia: ‘The election is over and I am the leader of the PN’
Court & Police 18-09

'The election is over and now I am the leader of the party. I am here to show that as a lawyer I am willing to defend Simon Busuttil in this case'

Simon Busuttil hands Adrian Delia office keys
National 18-09

‘These are keys of responsibility’ Busuttil told the new Nationalist Party leader

What an ending
Blogs 18-09

Busuttil was unrepentant till the end, together with a band of sycophants who toasted him without being able to admit that the party had suffered a humiliating trashing because something was also very wrong with the PN.

The Simon Busuttil era
Editorial 17-09

The standards to which he tried to hold the PN in place are still there, and still in demand. It now falls to others to turn Busuttil’s worthy aspirations for the PN into reality

[WATCH] Farewell to Simon: PN toasts leader as he rails against ‘populist Labour’
National 15-09

At the party’s general convention, Simon Busuttil said the legacy he wished to leave behind was that of a party coming together to fight for the common good, insisting that despite not winning the election, the party had won the moral battle

Busuttil to attend his last PN administrative, executive meetings as leader
National 13-09

The Nationalist Party’s administrative council and the party’s executive are meeting tomorrow evening

Simon Busuttil texts MPs lambasting Adrian Delia’s press comments
National 12-09

‘I find these attacks unbecoming from a person who aspires to replace me,’ outgoing PN leader Simon Busuttil told MPs in the parliamentary group’s WhatsaApp chat

Updated | Alfred Sant abstains in EP vote approving Busuttil’s nomination to EU panel
Europe 12-09

Head of PL delegation to the European Parliament Alfred Sant did not take part in a vote approving Simon Busuttil’s appointment to an experts panel • Busuttil’s appointment was confirmed with 556 votes in favour, 82 against and 35 abstentions.

[WATCH] Prime Minister, Mizzi, Schembri attend money laundering inquiry appeal hearing
National 11-09

Lawyers prepare to make submissions in seven appeals filed against the launch of an inquiry into money laundering allegations involving high-ranking government officials

Busuttil appeals for party unity as PN leadership election enters second phase
National 04-09

The outgoing leader of the Nationalist Party urged the party to remain united under one flag

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