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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
Minister's secret Panama company an eminently European affair, Busuttil tells diplomats
National 16:44

The leader of the Opposition tells foreign diplomats that European inaction on corruption and other issues that matter to people will lead to a walk towards the precipice of a Brexit

Beyond Good and Evil
Editorial 19-01

All we’ve heard so far is nonsense about good versus evil, and the explosive diatribes of Salvu Mallia

A party, divided
Blogs 19-01

For Mario De Marco, a usually reserved man, to go into such personal details for the benefit of his party role means something is afoot within the party.

Jesus, St John and Mahatma Gandhi need YOU
Blogs 19-01

The Universe is depending on YOU – and you alone – to ensure that the Cosmos is saved from the malevolent forces that plot day and night to destroy it once and for all

PN reiterates ‘united party’ message after Busuttil comes up short on De Marco
National 18-01

After Busuttil failed to muster strong defence for De Marco, PN attempts to reinforce ‘unity’ message as Labour mock ‘PN leader’s weakness’

Busuttil refuses to comment on blogger's attacks on Mario de Marco
National 18-01

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil refuses to comment on attacks against the PN deputy leader by blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia

Keeping within one’s remit
Editorial 17-01

Sovereignty works both ways - just as the European Commission must desist from wading into political frays, political parties must keep within their remit too

Rom-Com 2: The Spurned Lover Strikes Back
Blogs 17-01

Unlike Muscat, whose romance with the EU fizzled into an entirely ordinary marital squabble, Busuttil’s love affair threatens to end in devastating heartbreak for himself

[ANALYSIS] EU Presidency: Joseph’s washing machine, Simon’s punching bag
National 17-01

There are a number of historical ironies in the pitch adopted by Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as Malta started its six-month term of the rotating EU Presidency, a year before general elections

Simon’s broad church
Blogs 17-01

The so-called ‘colourful language’ of the maverick PN candidate Salvu Mallia has thrown the problem of the tension within Simon Busuttil’s broad church to the fore

Simon Busuttil: 'PN open to all those who are against Joseph Muscat'
National 15-01

‘If Joseph Muscat owned a shop, he would have been sued for false advertising… let us unite in a coalition against corruption,’ PN leader tells party faithful

[WATCH] Busuttil tells Juncker: Maltese disappointed Brussels ignored Panamagate
Europe 11-01

PN leader pours cold water over European Commission's apparent unwillingness to chastise Maltese government over Panama Papers

‘Obama, the Grinch who stole Christmas’
Blogs 11-01

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reaction to his American counterpart's abrupt, out-of-character, untimely and uncalled for reaction to alleged hacking during elections painted Obama as ‘the Grinch who stole Christmas'

Busuttil distances himself from Salvu Mallia: PN against abortion, euthanasia
National 09-01

PN leader Simon Busuttil says abortion, euthanasia won’t become law under his leadership but turns tables on Joseph Muscat ‘who is flirting with the idea’

Updated | Busuttil hits out at government’s ‘obscene’ excessive spending
National 08-01

PN leader Simon Busuttil says 2017 is a crucial year for people to decide whether it was acceptable to be led by a corrupt government

[WATCH] We can longer take things for granted, Busuttil warns in Christmas message
National 24-12

Simon Busuttil delivers Christmas message from his Lija home, warns events in 2016 have shaken common perceptions of the world

'Hate speech’ has no place in society, leaders agree
National 20-12

President, Prime Minister, leader of the Opposition and Archbishop remember victims of truck attack in Berlin

‘Do not bow to pressure on LNG power station,’ Busuttil urges ERA
National 18-12

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says minister Chris Cardona should resign over news that a delegation he led spent over €700 in alcohol in Dubai

Fake politicians and political fictions | Therese Comodini Cachia
Blogs 15-12

Joseph Muscat’s vision is of ensuring the chosen few are protected while Simon Busuttil’s vision is one which clearly not only sets standards but also applies them even from the Opposition bench

Great, so now we’re all ‘pro-establishment’ again...
Blogs 13-12

What would it sound like to the rest of Europe, when the Prime Minister and Opposition leader of an EU member state both claim to be riding a wave of populism that is quintessentially euro-sceptic in nature?

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