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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
Busuttil casts doubt on jobless figures, claiming inflated public payroll
National 13:53

NSO data shows joblessness down to 2,889 but private jobs created since 2013 are over 21,000 compared to 2,570 inside the public sector

Busuttil will sack police chief, ‘police must investigate textbook case of money laundering’
National 22-02

PN leader says PANA committee unequivocal on Panama offshore company set-up chosen by former minister and PM chief of staff

Being inquisitive, not the law, makes a good journalist
Blogs 20-02

Last Sunday was another political stunt like all the stunts we have seen in the past months from both political parties

[WATCH] ‘Government will come after you next’ – Busuttil warns demonstrators
National 19-02

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says Prime Minister, chief of staff and ministers would not be spared from PN government's investigation into Panama Papers • Thousands attend PN-organised national demonstration in favour of democracy and freedom of expression

Updated | PN leader says Nexia boss is lying over Egrant ownership
National 19-02

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said Brian Tonna's claims that he owns Egrant, the third offshore company set up at Nexia BT's behest, were belied by his own comments • Labour Party says Simon Busuttil is Malta's ‘biggest ever political liar’

Updated | Busuttil won’t testify in Keith Schembri libel until shown copy of his own speech
Court & Police 16-02

Simon Busuttil's laywer insists libel suit doesn't specify why Keith Schembri felt libelled by PN leader's speech

Joe Gaffarena: Cassar wanted ‘Dalli papers’ when I met Busuttil
Court & Police 16-02

The Qormi businessman says he gave the PN €20,000 three months before his petrol pump station was closed down by the Planning Authoruty

Minister dubs Busuttil a ‘threat to democracy’ after calls for FIAU report publication
National 14-02

Carmelo Abela says the law precludes the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit from publishing the results of its investigations

PN ‘preaches one thing on ODZ, then do the other’ – Labour
National 14-02

The Nationalist Party must get its house in order before preaching to others about good governance, Labour MP tells journalists 

[WATCH] MP who used wife’s name to get ODZ villa permit ‘was not hiding’, PN leader says
National 14-02

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil admits Toni Bezzina’s ODZ application ‘raised questions' on whether a shadow cabinet member should apply for ODZ permits

Confusing the issues
Blogs 14-02

Joseph Muscat has a well thought out PR strategy while Simon Busuttil and his team are often falling between two stools. Too often

[WATCH] Busuttil rubbishes Muscat's hand of friendship: 'You are a pathological liar'
National 13-02

'I will not accept a hand of friendship from a corrupt government...Muscat must either be a pathological liar or living on a different planet' 

[WATCH] PN to present motion to remove garnishee orders against journalists
National 12-02

After Chris Cardona's garnishee order against Daphne Caruana Galizia, PN to hold protest in favour of democracy and freedom of speech

[WATCH] Busuttil: Muscat does not even know the ‘ABC’ of what happened with Cardona
National 08-02

Opposition leader insists he does not believe Chris Cardona's version of events • Says government needs to explain how developer was only paying €17 million for ITS land

No money, but plenty of chicks for free...
Blogs 07-02

Ordinary clients just pay for a private encounter with a prostitute, and nothing else. NET News reporters do exactly the same thing (on the company, of course), but also get to secretly film it for free

‘Government bribed whistleblower in Gozo works-for-votes case’ – Busuttil
National 05-02

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says state witness in case against husband of former Gozo minister was bribed with €500,000 in contracts • Busuttil says Chris Cardona embarassed EU and Malta

PN reiterates commitment to try to save Air Malta
National 03-02

Opposition leader tells constituted bodies that the party is prepared to support any proposal presented

PN government would seek to renegotiate Zonqor and TownSquare projects - Busuttil
National 01-02

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says his government would met develeopers to convince them to find alternatives to proposed development

Busuttil in scathing attack on ‘puppet’ police commissioner
National 31-01

Opposition leader criticises selection of Lawrence Cutajar as police commissioner, claiming the government had gone through four other commissioners before finding 'the perfect puppet to control'

Busuttil takes brothel allegations to parliament: Malta ‘in state of shock and disgust’
National 31-01

Simon Busuttil takes up allegations of Chris Cardona inside FKK Acapulco brothel during parliamentary debat: ‘You have turned this country into a brothel, and our country is not a brothel’

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