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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
[WATCH] UNHCR representative urges Malta to help refugees integrate better
National 27-03

On migration, opposition leader Simon Busuttil said he believed civil society could provide viable answers and solutions when states had failed to do so. 

Updated | ‘Muscat chose to protect drug traffickers over drug victims’ – Simon Busuttil
National 26-03

OPM blast ‘irresponsible’ Simon Busuttil after Opposition leader claims that Joseph Muscat turned a blind eye to drug trafficking following ministers’ intervention in Gozo drug prosecution

[WATCH] MediaLink’s right to commercial privacy must be respected, Busuttil insists
National 24-03

Simon Busuttil refuses to weigh in on MediaLink's business dealings, says PN's media arm has a right to commercial privacy

Simon Busuttil calls for debate on EU common army
National 24-03

'If Malta applied to join the EU now, it would be rejected over corruption' - Simon Busuttil 

Busuttil promises police investigation against Mizzi and Schembri under PN government
National 22-03

PN leader: People concerned about lack of public safety, rudderless police force

Tonio Borg in PN’s independent party financing commission
National 21-03

The PN has pledged to include all the commission's proposals on political financing in its electoral manifesto 

PN donations hailed from ‘publicity shy’ catering firm
National 20-03

Financial transactions under investigation by the Electoral Commission will be centred around invoices issued by the PN’s media to Sky Gourmet Malta, a subsidiary of db Group owned by Silvio Debono which does not normally take out television advertising

Updated | Media reports confirm Busuttil’s ‘political falsehood’, Muscat says
National 19-03

Prime Minister urges electorate to judge the government on promises delivered in its first mandate, says that the Nationalist opposition was splintered and could not be expected to do any better with the country • PN says Labour Party is breaching party financing laws

Updated | Radical change in political system needed to eradicate corruption - Busuttil
National 19-03

PN leader says re-electing Joseph Muscat would mean five more years of ‘rampant corruption’ • Labour says Busuttil not defending Mario de Marco in the same way he had stood by Beppe Fenech Adami following CapitalOne inquiry

Busuttil: ‘De Marco going nowhere, no one will dictate PN’s agenda for me’
National 18-03

Simon Busuttil: 'The PN is not a divided party...the country's problem is not Mario de Marco but Joseph Muscat' 

‘This is the system’ is not an answer
Blogs 16-03

Business donations are not many seem suddenly to understand

MaltaToday survey shows PN election victory is possible - Simon Busuttil
National 15-03

Busuttil encouraged by gains registered by the PN in MaltaToday survey: people know their vote can take country back from handful keeping it hostage

Labour accuses Simon Busuttil of being 'isolated' within his own party
National 14-03

Labour Party reiterates calls for PN to publish invoices for services given to the db Group

Cleaning the Augean stables
Blogs 14-03

Simon Busuttil’s bravado knee-jerk reaction was simply that – bravado that solves nothing but exposes everything

Cartoon: 12 March 2017
Cartoons 13-03

Cartoon by Mikiel Galea

Can it get worse? Yes, it can
Blogs 13-03

Simon Busuttil forgot how important inclusion is in politics, and this has thwarted the party’s ability to reach out to others

‘Busuttil broke code of silence’ – Opposition MPs
National 13-03

Opposition MPs told MaltaToday the party’s chances of winning the election were dealt a heavy blow by Simon Busuttil’s gamble, which exposed the extent of ties between big business and politics

Busuttil claims all PL officials are on government payroll
National 12-03

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil refutes criticism over party's donations from db Group, says he would not accept donations as blackmail

PN will not be returning db Group funds - Busuttil
National 12-03

‘We asked ourselves why we should return something that was legal’

[WATCH] On conflicts of interest and party financing
Blogs 10-03

The PN will have a problem attracting business donors to its cause after Simon Busuttil's clash with the DB Group

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