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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
[WATCH] Simon Busuttil addresses press conference
Election 2017 19-05

PN leader Simon Busuttil addresses a press conference in front of the Central Bank of Malta

Q&A | People matter | Albert Buttigieg
Election 2017 19-05

From God’s servant to serving social justice: Nationalist candidate ALBERT BUTTIGIEG explains how his plight for social justice led him first to priesthood then to politics. He promises to put people at the centre of politics

Prime Minister: ‘Busuttil doesn’t want Egrant inquiry out before 3 June’
Election 2017 19-05

Joseph Muscat insists he will appear before EP committee once the result of the Egrant inquiry is out

[WATCH] Busuttil: 'I will publish evidence if Muscat continues to challenge me'
National 19-05

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil was accompanied to court by a delegation carrying 'eight files of evidence' against OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri over alleged money laundering

Similarities to Le Pen’s attempt to undermine rival
Letters 19-05

Besides Simon Busuttil’s copying of Marine Le Pen’s slogan 'Choose France', a vile story against the prime minister’s wife was originally posted by a blogger was used

[WATCH] ‘Egrant inquiry not finding enough evidence would be mind-boggling,’ Busuttil says
Xtra 18-05

Simon Busuttil said he made no promises to PD leader Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia but, if elected, would make use of their skills

Muscat paints picture of 'divisive' Busuttil
Election 2017 18-05

Labour leader says Simon Busuttil's true colours betray his scripted self, 'he sees everyone as either Nationalists or Labourite'

[WATCH] Busuttil to testify on Keith Schembri allegations tomorrow
Election 2017 18-05

The Nationalist Party leader insisted that Schembri was the brains behind the government and that a vote for the Labour Party meant a vote for Keith Schembri as Prime Minister 

Simon Busuttil is trying to delay the Egrant Inquiry – Manuel Mallia
Election 2017 18-05

The competitiveness minister economy pointed out that the inquiring magistrate had already issued a decree saying allegations about Keith Schembri could not be heard by the inquiry

[WATCH] Simon Busuttil makes request to testify on Schembri evidence in Egrant inquiry
Election 2017 18-05

PN leader takes evidence on €650,000 transactions not to Magistrate investigating alleged Schembri kickbacks, but to Egrant inquiry claiming ‘it has a wider remit’

Cartoon: 18 May 2017
Cartoons 18-05

Cartoon by Mikiel Galea

People must vote out ‘criminal clique’, Busuttil tells St Paul’s Bay
Election 2017 17-05

PN leader Simon Busuttil in St Paul’s Bay calls on voters to do what police commissioner failed to do, and vote out Joseph Muscat

[ANALYSIS] When cornered… how did they react?
Election 2017 17-05

Before Panamagate, Joseph Muscat excelled in the art of pulling out before it was too late while Simon Busuttil was often overtaken by events. But has the PM run out of options after a year of scandals and is Busuttil now anticipating him?

Race to the bottom
Editorial 17-05

The solution is a fair tax system which guarantees a fair distribution of wealth and not a race to the bottom between parties trying to win the election by proposing unsustainable cuts

All you need to know about the 2017 election candidates
Election 2017 17-05

Five or perhaps six political parties, two independent candidates, young and old candidates, old faces and new faces and female participation is what Tim Diacono discusses in this feature on the 2017 election candidates

PN promises animal wefare council, stricter laws and pet cemetery
Election 2017 16-05

Simon Busuttil says that a PN government will set up a national council on animal welfare to propose and help enforce legislation

[WATCH] PN proposes 10% income tax on earnings up to €20,000
Election 2017 16-05

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil said this would improve people’s quality of life, describing the measures as social justice in practice

Of checks and balances
Blogs 16-05

Simon Busuttil was asking the Attorney General to break the law twice – first by getting a copy of the report and then by publishing it

[WATCH] Busuttil: ‘Mintoff would have brought down Muscat’s government’
Election 2017 15-05

Simon Busuttil reaches out to traditional Labour supporters: 'I urge you to do what Mintoff would have done and place Malta first and foremost'

Former BirdLife director: ‘Busuttil had said he was against spring hunting’
Nature 15-05

Former BirdLife director says Simon Busuttil had told BirdLife Malta that he was against spring hunting ahead of the 2015 referendum 

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