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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
PN promises animal wefare council, stricter laws and pet cemetery
Election 2017 16-05

Simon Busuttil says that a PN government will set up a national council on animal welfare to propose and help enforce legislation

[WATCH] PN proposes 10% income tax on earnings up to €20,000
Election 2017 16-05

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil said this would improve people’s quality of life, describing the measures as social justice in practice

Of checks and balances
Blogs 16-05

Simon Busuttil was asking the Attorney General to break the law twice – first by getting a copy of the report and then by publishing it

[WATCH] Busuttil: ‘Mintoff would have brought down Muscat’s government’
Election 2017 15-05

Simon Busuttil reaches out to traditional Labour supporters: 'I urge you to do what Mintoff would have done and place Malta first and foremost'

Former BirdLife director: ‘Busuttil had said he was against spring hunting’
Nature 15-05

Former BirdLife director says Simon Busuttil had told BirdLife Malta that he was against spring hunting ahead of the 2015 referendum 

[WATCH] Opening autumn trapping season will harm Malta’s EU court case - Busuttil
Nature 15-05

Simon Busuttil dismisses Joseph Muscat's renewed challenge to resign if inquiry finds no connection between Prime Minister and Egrant  

[WATCH] PN pledges 30,000 new jobs, annual surplus
Election 2017 15-05

Simon Busuttil says jobs pledge will see average wages in Malta rise by up to 30%

MaltaToday Survey | Muscat retains trust lead, parties four points apart
Data & Surveys 15-05

While all changes are within the margin of error, an extrapolation of the survey after removing undecided voters and non-voters would give Labour 52%, the PN 47% and AD and other parties 1%.

[WATCH] Busuttil: We have learnt from our mistakes and will not repeat them
Election 2017 14-05

The Nationalist Party leader appealed to those who had been hurt by the PN, insisting that the country needed them to look beyond that

Updated | Busuttil’s pro-hunting stance proves he will do anything for votes, AD claims
Election 2017 14-05

Greens accuse Simon Busuttil of environmental hypocrisy after PN leader says he considers the spring hunting issue a 'closed case' 

Busuttil pledges a more stringent IIP scheme
Election 2017 12-05

'Under a PN government, the IIP will no longer be considered as the sale of Maltese citizenship' - Simon Busuttil

[WATCH] PN launches 100 proposals for Gozo
Election 2017 12-05

Tax exemptions for businesses, incentives to purchase propererty, a tunnel and the re-nationalisation of the Gozo Hospital in the PN's manifesto for Gozo

[WATCH] Busuttil testifies before inquiry, says 'institutional failure led to political crisis'
National 12-05

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras heard the Opposition leader in her inquiry into allegations that the Prime Minister's chief of staff could have received kickbacks over the sale of passports

[WATCH] PN government will limit positions of trust to 'bare minimum', Busuttil vows
Election 2017 11-05

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has vowed that a new Nationalist government will limit positions of trust to the absolute bare minimum necessary to staff private secretariats

My Little Phoneys
Blogs 11-05

Either Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil have gotten slightly ahead of themselves, and started smoking marijuana before actually legalising it... or else, my nostrils detect a dollop of ‘My Little Phoney’ poo somewhere

Anything you can do, I can do better
Blogs 11-05

Social justice means that everyone is given a fair chance of living a decent life, and this does not always mean simply throwing money at a problem, but getting to the root of it.

Busuttil pledges propositional referenda, launches online ‘ideas’ platform
Election 2017 10-05

Simon Busuttil's proposal will allow 10% of the electorate to invoke a referendum on whether a specific law should be introduced 

[WATCH] Busuttil: As Prime Minister I will travel the world to clear Malta’s name
Election 2017 10-05

The Nationalist Party leader said the current administration had made it difficult for Malta to defend its name against unfair accusations abroad

[WATCH] Busuttil’s proposals have already been implemented or are ongoing, Labour says
Election 2017 10-05

The Labour party said it had already started to refund tenants for the increase in social housing rents

PN commits to reversing, reimbursing social housing rent increases
Election 2017 10-05

Announcing the Nationalist Party’s housing proposals, leader Simon Busuttil promised that a Nationalist government would reverse increases in rent for social housing and pay back the difference

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