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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
[WATCH] Busuttil: We have learnt from our mistakes and will not repeat them
Election 2017 14-05

The Nationalist Party leader appealed to those who had been hurt by the PN, insisting that the country needed them to look beyond that

Updated | Busuttil’s pro-hunting stance proves he will do anything for votes, AD claims
Election 2017 14-05

Greens accuse Simon Busuttil of environmental hypocrisy after PN leader says he considers the spring hunting issue a 'closed case' 

Busuttil pledges a more stringent IIP scheme
Election 2017 12-05

'Under a PN government, the IIP will no longer be considered as the sale of Maltese citizenship' - Simon Busuttil

[WATCH] PN launches 100 proposals for Gozo
Election 2017 12-05

Tax exemptions for businesses, incentives to purchase propererty, a tunnel and the re-nationalisation of the Gozo Hospital in the PN's manifesto for Gozo

[WATCH] Busuttil testifies before inquiry, says 'institutional failure led to political crisis'
National 12-05

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras heard the Opposition leader in her inquiry into allegations that the Prime Minister's chief of staff could have received kickbacks over the sale of passports

[WATCH] PN government will limit positions of trust to 'bare minimum', Busuttil vows
Election 2017 11-05

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has vowed that a new Nationalist government will limit positions of trust to the absolute bare minimum necessary to staff private secretariats

My Little Phoneys
Blogs 11-05

Either Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil have gotten slightly ahead of themselves, and started smoking marijuana before actually legalising it... or else, my nostrils detect a dollop of ‘My Little Phoney’ poo somewhere

Anything you can do, I can do better
Blogs 11-05

Social justice means that everyone is given a fair chance of living a decent life, and this does not always mean simply throwing money at a problem, but getting to the root of it.

Busuttil pledges propositional referenda, launches online ‘ideas’ platform
Election 2017 10-05

Simon Busuttil's proposal will allow 10% of the electorate to invoke a referendum on whether a specific law should be introduced 

[WATCH] Busuttil: As Prime Minister I will travel the world to clear Malta’s name
Election 2017 10-05

The Nationalist Party leader said the current administration had made it difficult for Malta to defend its name against unfair accusations abroad

[WATCH] Busuttil’s proposals have already been implemented or are ongoing, Labour says
Election 2017 10-05

The Labour party said it had already started to refund tenants for the increase in social housing rents

PN commits to reversing, reimbursing social housing rent increases
Election 2017 10-05

Announcing the Nationalist Party’s housing proposals, leader Simon Busuttil promised that a Nationalist government would reverse increases in rent for social housing and pay back the difference

Dangerous, ‘Terinu’ politics
Blogs 10-05

This is a choice between a party which has strong proposals in place and someone who has no idea on how to govern

How the surveys compare
Data & Surveys 10-05

Both MaltaToday and Malta Independent surveys indicate an absolute majority for Labour when 'don’t knows' are removed from the equation

WATCH: ‘My social conscience is greater than Muscat’s’ – Simon Busuttil
Election 2017 09-05

PN leader Simon Busuttil, whom Labour targets as a divisive figure, has said that every Labour voter should feel comfortable jumping ship to the PN under his leadership

Updated | Gender equality, equal pay for equal work and removing GWU from workers scheme on PN manifesto
Election 2017 09-05

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil has pledged to implement in practice the concept of equal pay for equal work and address the gender wage gap if elected in the upcoming election

WATCH: PN to take voting documents claims to OSCE
Election 2017 08-05

PN leader Simon Busuttil says he’s holding the Prime Minister ‘personally responsible’ over security problems with voting documents

Cartoon: 8 May 2017
Cartoons 08-05

Cartoon by Mikiel Galea

Of political spins and the inquiry relating to the in genere | Robert Abela
Blogs 08-05

PL candidate Robert Abela writes: Simon Busuttil is not being politically honest when he is stating that the inquiry must find Keith Schembri guilty, on the basis of the evidence he has submitted to the inquiring magistrate

[WATCH] Busuttil insists Josie Muscat will toe party line
Election 2017 08-05

The 74-year-old PN hardliner – who has in the past denigrated female victims of domestic violence and criticised same-sex unions – will contest the election for the PN on the Labour-dominated southern districts

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