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All articles • 'theft'
Drug addict jailed for six years over string of thefts
Court & Police 15:00

A man from Senglea has been jailed for six years for committing a spate of seven thefts in a four week period last April

Two admit stealing almost 50 gas cylinders from doorsteps
Court & Police 13-10

A man and a woman stole three gas cylinders at a time in various localities to sustain their drug addiction

Meter tampering go-between handed tough sentence
Court & Police 05-10

The court accused the man of corruption and fraud after it was found that he went around to shops offering to install low-reading smart meters.

Pickpocketing epidemic ‘is a business’, court told as pair jailed
Court & Police 03-10

A pair of Bulgarian pickpockets have been jailed for stealing from an elderly Maltese woman in Sliema yesterday

Theft suspect growls, barks at magistrate
Court & Police 30-09

The 19 year-old, who had a mask over his face to stop him from spitting, was arrested for trespassing

Homeless man denies stealing from airport shop
Court & Police 22-09

A man, 45, from Georgia was arraigned in court today after being captured on security camera footage, stealing from an eyewear outlet at Malta International Airport

Cospicua parish priest embraces pair accused of stealing from his Church
Court & Police 19-09

Criminal proceedings against two persons charged with stealing ornaments and sacred objects from the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception continue

Bar room phone thief, captured on CCTV, pleads guilty
Court & Police 19-09

A Romanian man admitted to stealing a woman’s mobile phone from a bar after being caught on CCTV and arrested

'I don't have a drug problem. I have a problem getting fed' - 22-year-old thief tells court
Court & Police 14-09

Troubled youngster admits that he had to resort to theft to feed himself

Cospicua man remanded in custody over false report and threats
Court & Police 14-09

The 26-year-old falsely accused his sister of theft and threatened both her and his mother

Cospicua man remanded in custody over false report, threats
Court & Police 14-09

The 26 year-old allegedly reported his sister to the police for a theft which he knew she had not committed.

29-year-old denied bail over theft charges
Court & Police 10-09

Rodrick Grima was arraigned in Court and charged with stealing an electrical wire from Unique Construction, causing damages of up to €2,300

Stolen sewing machine recovered as police search for firearm unravels
Court & Police 07-09

A court has been told how a police search of the home of a man who had allegedly threatened to shoot his wife during an argument, did not find any firearms – but did turn up a stolen sewing machine

Cospicua men charged with stealing €34,000 worth of items from parish church
Court & Police 07-09

The pair were also charged with damaging cultural property, voluntarily causing over €2,500 in damage to third party property and defacing the church’s titular painting.

Sicilian thief's repatriation order overturned, sentence reduced on appeal
Court & Police 06-09

The court of Criminal Appeal has revoked a repatriation order and reduced a prison sentence previously handed to a Sicilian man who admitted to having committed over a dozen thefts in the space of a fortnight

Valletta man denies multiple thefts
Court & Police 23-08

A refuse collector has been released on bail after pleading not guilty to stealing alcohol and other items from shops in Valletta. 

Party choker thief pays victim €600 in court
Court & Police 22-08

The Italian man was arraigned after stealing a choker and pendant at Numero Uno club in Rabat

Man admits to stealing items from WSC van
Court & Police 21-08

A man has admitted to having stolen mobile phones and personal items from a vehicle being used by WSC personnel earlier this month

Steel company subcontractor denies stealing scrap metal
Court & Police 18-08

An Italian subcontractor to a local steel company has denied stealing copper and other items from a scrapyard

Court slams 'disrespectful' disregard of arrest warrant
Court & Police 08-08

A court has ordered the Commissioner of Police to explain why two people whose arrest it had ordered, had instead been called up at home and told to appear in court

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