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All articles • 'theft'
Youth, 19, admits to stealing from girlfriend's mother
Court & Police 21-04

A youth has been released on bail pending sentencing after admitting to robbing his girlfriend's mother

Woman remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to stealing €40,000 from partner
Court & Police 13-04

A woman has been remanded in custody after being charged with fraud and conspiracy to steal from her partner

Man jailed for 30 months after pleading guilty to aggravated theft
Court & Police 11-04

A man was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to threatening a man with a knife and stealing his mobile phone

Hamrun murder victim's father granted bail after pleading not guilty to charges of theft
Court & Police 05-04

Silvio Pace, the father of murder victim Brandon Pace, was granted bail after pleading not guilty to charges of theft

Thief who stole €7,000 from Valletta shops imprisoned for three years
Court & Police 05-04

A man was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to a number of thefts over a period of one month

Suspected thief arrested at Zejtun petrol station
Court & Police 05-04

A man suspected of being involved in a series of thefts from petrol stations was arrested in Zejtun early this morning

Serial thief jailed for 25 months on back of suspended punishments
Court & Police 29-03

Magistrate places 26-year-old under three-year treatment order to help him address problems leading him to break the law

Pharmacy salesperson convicted of stealing cash, items from employer
Court & Police 28-03

A former salesperson at a Hamrun pharmacy has been convicted of stealing cash and products from her former place of work

Young job seeker admits to handbag theft
Court & Police 27-03

A young man has been handed a six-month jail term, suspended for four years, after he admitted to stealing a young woman's handbag

Man jailed for handling stolen goods
Court & Police 27-03

A man has been jailed for six months after he pleaded guilty to handling a stolen mobile phone and to recidivism

Man who stabbed wife's lover returns to court on theft charges
Court & Police 24-03

A man, who had recently been handed a suspended sentence for stabbing his wife's lover, was remanded in custody on charges of attempted theft

Thief remanded in custody for stealing €5,000 worth of perfume, body lotion
Court & Police 22-03

A court has denied bail to a man who admitted to aggravated theft, ruling that he did not satisfy the legal requirements

Wrong charges get crafty cashier cleared of theft
Court & Police 17-03

A cashier who allegedly applied a higher exchange rate on foreign currency purchases and pocketed the difference, has been cleared of theft because he was not charged with the correct crime

Man who quit heroin whilst in prison admits to robbing shops
Court & Police 14-03

A man with previous convictions for possession of hard drugs has this morning admitted to robbing two shops

Greengrocer employee gets 27 months for night-time raid
Court & Police 09-03

A man has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for robbing a greengrocer he worked for, triggering a six-month suspended sentence handed down to him last year

Would-be thief jailed for a year
Court & Police 07-03

A man has been jailed for a year after being found guilty of attempting to steal from a Valletta fashion outlet

Prolific Sicilian thief jailed for seven years before deportation
Court & Police 01-03

A prolific Sicilian thief will be deported following his jail sentence, after admitting to 15 thefts in the span of two weeks

Prolific thief gets more prison time as more crimes emerge
Court & Police 24-02

A man recently jailed for committing six thefts in one night has been given additional jail time after being linked to more thefts that happened that night

Contractor charged with aggravated theft after being spotted towing stolen machinery
Court & Police 21-02

Police have accused a building contractor of stealing €4,000-worth of machinery after a tip-off led them to him

583 mobiles reported stolen in last quarter of 2016
Court & Police 20-02

Data tabled in government shows that 488 persons were arraigned in court on theft charges in 2016 • All cases of theft from churches reported last year remain unsolved

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