Belair’s exclusive package: maximum effort to sell your property

Exclusive listings allows one professional agency to put in maximum effort to sell your property, rather than numerous agencies doing the bare minimum

Belair Property has always strived to be a leader in Malta’s real estate sector, with a strong belief that as a company, it is simply not just different, but better. 

This has, for a long time, been Belair Property’s ethos and holds true when they offer their exclusive package. Since its inception, over the last three years, the company’s carefully selected exclusive property listings have achieved a success rate of over 90% in sales.

According to Steve Borg, Belair Property’s head of sales: “An exclusive listing allows you to have one professional agency put in maximum effort to market and sell your property, rather than having numerous agencies doing the bare minimum. It incentivises experienced sales associates to devote a significant percentage of their working week to focus on selling your property. Over the past three years, statistics show that when a property is valued properly... Belair Property listings sell within the first 30 days.”

Looking ahead towards 2021, Belair Property will be launching a new video series promoting a selection of their premium exclusive property listings, pushing them to their full potential. The company intends to showcase some of the best properties, in terms of both price and quality and they plan on having it done using the top professionals in the industry. 

Videography is a powerful tool. A Belair exclusive property means that they will prepare a specific video for your property. More importantly, they will make sure that this video is seen and displayed in the appropriate media outlets to ensure maximum exposure, focused on selling your property quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with Belair Property on [email protected] and speak to them about having your property listed exclusively