Yellmarket: businesses can showcase their products and speak to customers

Yellmarket: the innovative solution designed to present users with a new-fangled way to present their products and services

As of this year, Yellow has launched the new Yellmarket package. This innovative solution is designed to present users with a new-fangled way to present their products and services.

The Yellmarket does not only show what local businesses can deliver – this new feature is a great way to promote responsive behaviour from both clients and business owners, as it also gives the story behind every product or service being offered. Thanks to its use of imagery, creative SEO-approved content and slider-style dynamic showcasing, the Yellmarket helps customers better the particulars of any services and products featured.

The main functions of the Yellmarket include giving end-users the ability to send personalised queries about any of the products and services which they are interested in. Moreover, the service provider can receive these messages directly on their phone or email – bridging the gap between customers and business owners.

Given that Yellow has always supported the local market, it is no surprise that the company created this tool designed to offer targeted support to both local businesses and customers. This package offers a competitive advantage to Maltese businesses, as it enables them to showcase all of their products on one of Malta’s most popular platforms – Yellow.

The company has recently launched a new series of competitions designed to make 2020 easier for both customers and local businesses. Thanks to its numerous collaborations with local businesses and SMEs, Yellow has been giving out prizes to customers through its #WinBigWithYellow page, showing that no matter what, the company is always there to offer its contribution. When it comes to the big final prize, Yellow will be giving out a Fiat Panda Hybrid to one lucky winner, courtesy of Motors Inc – a quality-focused company that excels in customer-centric solutions.

The Yellow website has been a go-to for people all over Malta and Gozo when in need of finding reliable services, products or companies.