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MeDirect Bank is organising the second medirectalk investment webinar for 2021 with the theme being 'What Is Financial Well Being? - The Morningstar view'

Dr. Sarah Newcomb, Director of Behavioural Science at Morningstarh
Dr. Sarah Newcomb, Director of Behavioural Science at Morningstarh

Financial well-being is about feeling a sense of security, as though one has enough money to meet their needs. It is about being in control of the day-to-day finances and having the financial freedom to make choices that allow a person to enjoy life.

MeDirect Bank is organising the second medirectalk investment webinar for 2021 with the theme being “What Is Financial Well Being? - The Morningstar view”. The event will provide an expert overview of how focusing on financial well-being lets a person assert their own path to financial security.

The webinar is set to take place on 13 May at 6pm and will explore how financial well-being has a direct correlation with a person’s general well-being and how one actually enjoys their wealth. Dr. Sarah Newcomb, Director of Behavioural Science at Morningstar, will be the main speaker during the webinar. She has published a paper titled “When More is Less; Rethinking Financial Health”.

“There are the clients who fear not having enough, despite every indication to the contrary. There are those so fearful of making a wrong choice that they refuse to make any, leaving their wealth to slowly erode in cash accounts," she said in her paper. "Other clients, in contrast, spend too freely, choosing blissful ignorance about the damage to their bottom line.”

Newcomb will define financial health as the combination of economic stability and emotional well-being with respect to one’s finances. She will speak about four mental factors associated with financial well-being, and how they can impact one’s financial and emotional bottom line. Participants will learn how to assess themselves in these four areas, following which they will be invited to ask questions to the speaker.

Newcomb ‘s work has earned mentions in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today among other major publications. She has blogged for Investment News and Psychology Today, and is author of Loaded: Money, psychology and how to get ahead without leaving your values behind (Wiley, 2016).

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Registrations are open for this event through  Participants are also encouraged to send in their questions on the subject ahead of the event, on [email protected].

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