Kia debuts the Kia LoL Series, giving fans the chance to play live in the LEC studio

Kia, the official main partner of the League of Legends European Championship Series (LEC), is offering fans the chance to play like a pro in the LEC studio through its community tournament, the Kia LoL Series

The tournament will see fans compete live in the LEC studio in Berlin, home to one of the world’s largest and most prestigious esports leagues. Competitors will be able to experience all the thrills and excitement of playing on the LEC stage through a players perspective, a once in a lifetime opportunity for many League of Legends esports fans.

The Kia LoL Series will feature four online regional qualifiers and an offline Grand Final event in Berlin, which will be broadcasted live on LEC caster Marc "Caedrel” Lamont’s Twitch channel. Winners from each regional qualifier will advance to the semi finals, and compete for a place in the grand final.

Malta was chosen out of an array of European countries as one of the 4 competing nations, highlighting the great knowledge and aspirations of prospective Maltese esports competitors, and the enthusiasm shown by the local Kia Malta representatives to support this unique event.

Regional online qualifiers will begin in May, with the qualifying matches held in Malta, Portugal, Germany, and France.

Players from the four countries above are eligible to apply and play in the tournament, with in-game League of Legends swag and LEC merchandise care packages being awarded to players based on their final standings.

The two regional finalists will get the unique opportunity to travel to the LEC studio in Berlin and compete for the tournament title on the prestigious LEC stage.

“Through hosting the first-ever Kia LoL Series, we look forward to giving passionate LEC fans the spotlight they deserve. We are excited to offer fans a unique opportunity aligned with our relentless commitment to creating compelling experiences for esports audiences based on Kia’s brand belief that movement inspires ideas. The newly launched Kia LoL Series will highlight the most dedicated fans, while moving the finalists to the big stage and granting them the opportunity to play the match of their lives at the LEC Studio in Berlin“, said Hyojung Jung, Head of Kia’s Marketing Communications Group.

The registration for the Regional qualifiers starts in May. Fans can apply here for the tournaments. For more information, visit

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