Will Malta host the ATP World Tour again?

The last time the ATP World tour touched down in Malta was April 1996 when both singles and doubles championships were played on hard courts for three straight years

Since 1996, Malta has not been a prominent participant in international tennis tournaments. This holds true for players of Maltese origin and tennis tournaments hosted in Malta. Malta used to be a sought-after tennis spot. These days, the major focus of tennis fans is US Open predictions and other similar tournament predictions. The tennis culture in Malta is robust, with different age group development camps and tournaments happening annually.

Will Malta become a top destination for tennis fans again?

Tennis has a positive outlook in Malta, but many of today’s international tennis stars have probably not thought about playing a tournament in Malta. Surely, a lot has happened since 1996 for tennis in Malta, international tennis tournaments, and top tennis organizations like the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Given that the ATP already has an existing relationship with Malta, can this relationship be awakened?

Why is the ATP World Tour Important to Malta?

The ATP world tour is the only tournament played in different locations among tennis tournaments. There are no permanent locations for ATP tournaments, unlike other top tennis tournaments like the US Open, Wimbledon, Shanghai Masters, etc., that are domiciled in one city.

So, hosting an ATP tournament in Malta will bring all the top shots in tennis to Malta. This move is likely to revive Malta’s presence in international tennis circles. Currently, Malta Open tournaments are organized in Gentlemen, Gentlemen’s Doubles, and Ladies categories. These tournaments attract tennis players from different parts of the world to Malta. However, for many of them, these tournaments are preparatory grounds for the big stages.

Across Europe, very few nations invest in tennis as Malta. Malta has a National Tennis Centre from where the Malta Tennis Federation oversees the affairs of different tennis categories in Malta.

The game of tennis has evolved brilliantly. While the fundamentals of the game remain, technology now plays an important part. Tennis players are now given tactical training and practice. And there’s been a huge level of improvement in the game.


The tennis culture in Malta is strong despite not hosting an ATP tournament since 1996. The biggest difference between tennis in 1996 and now is the lucrative nature of the sport. Many sponsors are investing in tennis championships. These sponsorships help attract top tennis stars to different tournaments worldwide. With the right sponsors supporting tennis, Malta can once again become an attraction for top tennis stars.