How to accurately monitor ROI on sponsorships

As company spending on sports sponsorship accelerates, companies want to monitor their ROI better to understand their exposure and impressions

According to a Nielsen Global Sports Marketing report, an increase of 107% in sports sponsorship in 2021 is driving the intent to purchase to rise by 10%. These figures show that 81% of respondents show complete or some trust in the sponsorship at sports events. In addition, the survey found that fans connect more than ever with their favorite sports and teams through social media, co-watching, betting, etc.

However, as company spending on sports sponsorship accelerates, companies want to monitor their ROI better to understand their exposure and impressions. VISUA provides a solution that removes the need for human monitoring called Computer Vision, using key factors to determine each impression’s value.

Monitoring More Channels Accurately in Less Time

VISUA’a Visual-AI technology suite presents what many believed was impossible. Unlike the traditional method of partial data sampling using humans, Visual-AI accurately provides the data required for sponsorship ROI valuation automatically across all channels and media types. These include image and video as well as live broadcasts and streaming.

Real-time processing of all sponsorship platforms gives users instant insights, allowing comparisons across channels with all the measurable data. Therefore, you can measure the value of each placement according to the values for each factor.

The factors that determine the value of the impressions include time per impression, clarity, prominence, visibility, size, and share of voice.

Visual-AI’s Special Accuracy Features

One of the main issues for users of other computer vision solutions is the low accuracy or detection rate. In addition, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft offerings have drawbacks because their design is not purpose-built for sports sponsorship valuation. Some don’t have batched task and media processing to action more tasks from a single API call across thousands, or even millions, of media files. Some also don’t support the adding of new or custom logos to the logo library, and where they do, the process can take weeks of training.

Fortunately, computer vision solutions have remained VISUA’s core service since it opened shop in 2016, and they have developed special features for analyzing sports and other fast-moving content. 

Copyright: VISUA
Copyright: VISUA

Adaptive Learning Engine

VISUA’s API has a patented Adaptive Learning Engine that allows you to easily and quickly add logos and marks to their brand library without needing training data, allowing instant valuable insights.

Full Frame-Rate Processing

For clients that want data accuracy, frame-by-frame analysis of footage surpasses the more basic method of measuring X number of frames per second. VISUA’s Computer Vision can analyze every frame of video for a full game.

Perfect Data

Human viewers can also see fleeting, blurred, or fast panning impressions, meaning they register them even though they add a lower value to the general data information. Again, VISUA’s Computer Vision provides human-like detections but at machine speed, which drastically increases detection rates when compared with comparable computer vision solutions.

Integrating Accurate Sponsorship Monitoring

The best sports sponsorship monitoring that can help to maximize your deals should provide certain essential elements.

First, one must have accurate data requiring minimal human input that show how detections are derived. VISUA provides a high processing frame rate through its PerfectData technology, which limits assumptions and inferences to give the highest levels of accuracy.

Second, comes scale. With some computer vision providers, a rise in volume presents results problems. VISUA has data accuracy and reliability at high volumes.

Third, fast brand activation time alleviates the need for weeks of training for new models. VISUA’s brand library already contains over 100 thousand brands, is highly customizable, and allows for simple logo file uploads thanks to its Instant Logo Learning technology.

Fourth, placements are just as crucial as impressions. Therefore, a sound sponsorship monitoring system must provide placement data from several placement areas, e.g., clothing, stadium, trackside, etc.

Fifth, data processing speed with real-time insights like VISUA’s remains vital, particularly in live broadcasts.

Finally, the choice of whether you need a cloud provider or on-premise processing is often project-specific. VISUA can meet your needs according to your projects, meaning that you can change your system implementation anytime, with full support during any transitions.

Final Take

For companies wanting accurate sponsorship valuation & ROI Computer Vision, VISUA’s Visual AI allows fast integration for cloud or on-premise solutions. The vast array of insights covers everything from basics - brand name, logo size, position, time on-screen, etc. - to advanced details - share of voice, clarity, prominence, placement, and visibility. Once installed, a dedicated team remains on stand-by to help when needed to ensure the most advanced insights for better monitoring.