Milanblocks: The label creating diverse eco design

Environmentally friendly fashion has seen a rise in recent years thanks to a growing awareness in consumers regarding the sustainability of their clothing

A recent academic article has noted that, “Eco-fashion clothes offer considerable promise to reduce clothing waste associated with improving consumer profits and the health of the community”. The article aims to explore the consumer behavior associated with eco-fashion clothing that is made out of recycled materials. As clothing waste is increasing each year and the landfill space to store this waste is decreasing, governments have begun to encourage the fashion industry to engage in more recycling. 

It is important in this regard to support clothing recycling technology and it is important for consumers to support these products through their demand for them. As a result it is important to understand consumer behavior towards eco-fashion generally and clothing made of recycled materials in particular. This information can assist governments and other bodies in the process of developing effective guidelines for the recycling and purchasing of recycled clothing. The article used the Theory of Planned Behavior as the foundation for the analysis of consumer behavior. 

The findings of this investigation have revealed that the single most significant factor which affects the purchasing of recycled clothing is the positive attitude which consumers have towards eco-friendly fashion. Additionally, the academics noted that there is a distinct connection between sustainable disposing of clothing and the consumption of eco-fashion. As a result, strengthening the attitude which consumers have towards environmentally friendly clothing is important to help reduce clothing waste. This behavioral change occurs when consumers have a need for eco-friendly clothing. 

However, some eco-friendly clothing does not meet the requirements of consumers in terms of style or aesthetics. This is not the case with Milanblocks which is a fashion brand that produces highly original and diverse clothing and accessories from sustainable materials. 

Milanblocks and Their Diverse Eco Design 

Copyright: Milanblocks
Copyright: Milanblocks

Milanblocks is a fashion label that was founded by Hua Cline in 2012. She got her start in fashion at a rather late age despite a passion for design and fashion which she exhibited from the age of seven. She would often design and create clothing for her dolls. However, her parents were not supportive of her pursuing fashion as a career. As a result, Cline studied business at university and she would have to work to put herself through a number of prestigious fashion schools. 

Cline is concerned with the sustainability of fashion and the environmental impact which the fashion industry has. That is why she chooses to use high-quality and sustainable materials in the vast majority of her bold and vivacious designs. The majority of the designing which Cline does is for handbags, clutches and purses as well as accessories. These are all striking and enriched with color. This gives the products which Milanblocks produces a distinctive edge and a truly original sensibility. The nature of the designs only add to the label's status as high fashion. 

The bags and accessories which Milanblocks produces are often made out of unconventional materials such as wood and acrylic. As wood can be sourced sustainably and acrylic can be easily recycled these materials both fit within the vision of eco-friendly design. Acrylic in particular is a highly useful type of plastic and one that is easy to thermoform. This process means that it is easy to recycle. Additionally, the quality of the materials used in the products which Milanblocks produces means that they will last a long time. This leads to their products being kept away from landfills and in wardrobes far longer than many of their contemporaries. 

Final Thoughts 

Sustainability in the fashion industry is only growing in importance as the waste which it creates is becoming more and more obvious. Additionally, the space in which to store this waste is running low which necessitates new approaches to fashion and design. Hua Cline, the founder of Milanblocks, acknowledges this necessity and that is why she chooses to use high-quality and sustainable materials in her designs. This both reduces the environmental impact of the products and ensures that if they do end up being disposed they can be recycled effectively. The eco design facet of the brand does not detract in any way from the bold and exuberant nature of the colorful designs and the brand status as high fashion.