LeoVegas co-founders win Outstanding Contribution award sponsored by RE/MAX

RE/MAX Lettings Malta co-founded and sponsors the event, which celebrates employee excellence within the iGaming industry

RE/MAX sponsored and presented the highly coveted special award of ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’ to Robin Ramm-Ericson and Gustaf Hagman, co-founders of the mobile gaming company, LeoVegas.com

The award celebrates individuals that have stood out in the industry, where they have made an outstanding contribution that impacts the economy directly or indirectly, by creating jobs, taking their company public, or being disruptive and innovative in their niche markets.  LeoVegas was founded in 2012 and has grown into a giant mobile gaming company with over 500 employees. It is also listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier list at the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Robin Ramm-Ericson, director and co-founder LeoVegas said: “LeoVegas is all about leading the way into the mobile future. For this award and journey we would like to emphasis credit to all our great employees and partners for making this possible. We started LeoVegas convinced that mobile would rapidly transform the entertainment world and this is something we have achieved together. Accelerating forward, it is journey that has only just begun!"

As the first event of its kind to focus on individual employee contribution instead of gaming software or teams, ‘iGaming Idol’ was partly realised and co-founded by COO of RE/MAX Malta, Jeff Buttigieg, who noted parallels in the values of the iGaming industry with those of RE/MAX, which also upholds the talent and innovation of its team members.

“Beyond contributing to the industry in their specific roles, it is the people – leaders in their own companies, like Robin and Gustaf – who have sacrificed, been innovative, employed both locals and foreigners, rented office space, and who have made outstanding contributions to the industry, which has had a knock-on effect and enhanced the Maltese business landscape in general,” Buttigieg said.

The Gaming sector plays a major role in the real estate sector locally, where it directly influences the letting market because expats rent homes all over the islands. RE/MAX Lettings continues to support the industry through other initiatives, such as MIGS and iGaming Social, and also supported SIGMA as a sponsor and exhibitor.

“We are delighted to have sponsored ‘iGaming Idol’, and always look forward to shining a light on the constant and tireless hard work of the people behind the huge success of the iGaming sector around the world,” says RE/MAX Malta’s regional lettings manager Edward Agius. “Such an important awards event yet again brings to the forefront how utterly pivotal talented, innovative and committed team members are to the overall success of a company, as has been proven time and again here at RE/MAX Malta.”


For further information about the ‘iGaming Idol’ event and RE/MAX Malta, please contact: Jeff Buttigieg on 99475620, [email protected]