MaltaToday meets Lara Camilleri from Konnekt

Konnekt's recruitment manager Lara Camilleri talks about what brought her to the company and what made her stay

Lara Camilleri
Lara Camilleri

Konnekt was originally set up in 2007. Last year marked their 10th anniversary. This year brought an update to give their image a more contemporary style, with the introduction of a new logo for 2018.

What brought you to Konnekt?

I applied with Konnekt to help me find an internship position while I was still in my final year at University. I had heard of the company because the university organisation I was in at the time had collaborated with them on an activity, so I naturally thought they might be best placed to help me out at the time. After a few interviews (4 to be exact) I was so intrigued by their work ethic, different interview styles and questions that when they offered me the job it was a no brainer to accept.

What made you stay?

I would definitely say that, apart from the fact that I love recruitment in and of itself, the people made me stay. We have such an great team here, and it's been a great experience, firstly being able to grow as an individual but even more so, watching the company grow. When I started in 2013, we were a team of 7 and total staff of 22; we now have a headcount of about 51 people and it's been such an amazing journey since. The market we operate in is very competitive and volatile and this required us to specialize as an agency in order to provide our clients a more focused and tailored services. Which is why we set up two specialised teams in 2015, in IT & iGaming and Finance & Legal.

What in your opinion sets Konnekt apart from other recruitment agencies?

Konnekt prides itself in going against the grain when it comes to stereotypical agency mentality and modus operandi. Most recruitment companies will tell you that they have a team made up of professionals. Well we really do. Speaking on behalf of the Finance & Legal team, we have a robust team of individuals hailing from diverse professional backgrounds such as a banking and insurance, audit and legal as well as individuals with years of recruitment experience. So the knowledge and exposure we have as a team enables us to provide clients with a more holistic service.

Konnekt was established in 2007 and has evolved into Malta’s largest and most innovative recruitment agency.  Konnekt grew into what it is today thanks to the efforts of its passionate team members, and the candidates and companies it has brought together since then. Today, Konnekt is proud to launch an updated branding in line with the developments of the time and the company’s our journey. The new company branding is the externalisation of the company’s decade long internal process of growth.


Lara Camilleri is Recruitment Manager managing the Finance & Legal Team within Konnekt.


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