Malta’s finest business leaders give lucky youths job shadowing experience

JAYE Malta brought 26 companies on board their Leaders For A Day initiative to offer job shadowing opportunities

42 youths were given job shadowing opportunities through JAYE Malta
42 youths were given job shadowing opportunities through JAYE Malta

“Inspiring young minds” is the philosophy and rationale behind JAYE Malta’s annual Leaders For A Day (L4D) Initiative.

Together with CORE Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, JAYE Malta has for the third year running placed 42 post-secondary students in job shadowing opportunities with some of Malta’s top business leaders.

The students had first-hand experience of a typical day’s work in Malta’s top-most levels of the private sector.

A total of 26 companies joined the initiative covering a myriad of industrial and economic sectors.

David Xuereb, deputy president of the Malta Chamber, commented on how many successful business people today will recall their JAYE days, and how, perhaps, was the catalyst that ignited their interest in business. “We believe this shadowing experience will leave a lasting impression on our budding entrepreneurs, who we are eager to welcome to the Chamber as members in the near future.”

It was a motivating experience that has helped convince me to open up my own company once I complete my studies, which I will definitely open it up to students like myself today. I thank all the leaders who provided us with this unique opportunity.

Michael Warrington, CEO of AX Group, responded positively to the call. “This is the first year we participated in L4D and was impressed by the level of entrepreneurial spirit presented by these young 16 year olds.”

It was a sentiment reiterated by Dan Robinson, Head of RBWM at HSBC Malta while thanking all the leaders who contributed to this initiative.

We need to support the active learning process of our youth more to help generate a better and more participative workforce in Malta

JAYE Malta is celebrating 30 years of operations and have mentored a number of successful Maltese entrepreneurs. “L4D has become and will remain another staple feature of our calendar of events for the Company Programme and I would welcome even more business leaders next year to join this initiative,” Julian Azzopardi, JAYE Malta CEO, said.

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