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SOHO Savoy Gardens, in Gzira
SOHO Savoy Gardens, in Gzira

A stimulating and friendly work space, SOHO is an office solution that creates a technological and eco-friendly environment. SOHO Malta, a multi-location coworking facility in Malta, is found present in St Julian's, Gzira and from October this year, also in  The Strand.

The traditional office is giving way to this innovative concept of work, which increases productivity and creativity, creates connections and relationships in a modern and relaxed atmosphere.

With SOHO, as a leading coworking space present on the island, Malta has adapted to an increasingly widespread trend in the world, preferred by entrepreneurs, professionals and small businesses.

Several studies show that working in a coworking environment increases the opportunity for networks and facilitates the sharing and exchange of ideas. It is no coincidence that many successful start-ups were born in coworking spaces.

SOHO Savoy Gardens, in Gzira
SOHO Savoy Gardens, in Gzira

Coworking: A Constantly Growing Market

According to the Global Coworking Survey 2019, research published in the online magazine Deskmag, last year the number of coworking spaces grew by about a fifth around the world. By the end of 2019, nearly 2.2 million people will work in over 22,000 coworking spaces worldwide.

But the even more interesting datum concerns the extension of coworking all over the world, not only in megalopolises, but also in medium and small cities.

It is also interesting how the "typical" coworker is changing; not only the freelancer, but also the employee. Since many companies are choosing this new formula, the high satisfaction rate found in the choice of coworking is no coincidence. According to the study, 60% of all coworkers do not plan to abandon the current coworking space.

“In an age of increased remote and flexible working opportunities, the benefits of coworking and shared workspaces are clear to see. Benefits include networking, collaboration, socialisation, and flexibility.” Says Co-founder and CEO, Michael S. Pedersen.

My experience in SOHO

If, like me, you can't stand the ‘classic’ idea of ​​an office, here is the freshest, most flexible, undemanding, but high performance solution. SOHO was my choice during my stay in Malta.

A stimulating and friendly work space, in a technological and eco-friendly environment
A stimulating and friendly work space, in a technological and eco-friendly environment

Since I lived in the center of Sliema, I chose the Savoy Garden Business Centre, reachable in 10 minutes by foot. Here I was able to work at my best, relax at lunchtime with a fully equipped kitchen, or go to a restaurant on the Strand. I could also take a shower after a fitness class in the gym, feeling like I was in a SPA, and avoiding the chaos of the gym's locker rooms.

Also, in Milan (Italy), my city, I work in a coworking space and with SOHO I found a high level of welcome, with helpful staff, a modern environment that made my working hours pleasant and comfortable. Here I was able to concentrate on my content marketing business, but I could also have fun on comfortable sofas with a cup of coffee, a chat with the other coworkers, a game of table football.

"SOHO was also my choice," said Luca Toccafondo, sales account manager for Deal Today and "It has allowed me a considerable saving of time and fewer worries in managing all aspects of a traditional office, from wi-fi connection to furnishing and services, plus the possibility of meeting people with different skills and experiences."

Are you looking for a quiet desk, or want a private space to share with your colleagues?

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