BOV extends its support to the Victoria International Arts Festival

17th edition will bring international performers to Gozo's capital


Bank of Valletta will be extending its support towards the 17th edition of the Victoria International Arts Festival. For five full weeks every year, the Victoria International Arts Festival presents a programme that combines local artistic talent together with international ensembles to present a repertoire to the community.

During the summer months, the Gozitan capital city of Victoria is transformed into a musical hub, joining festival cities around the world in presenting a combination of compositions from global top music centres to local music lovers, culture-vultures and those with an ear for a good tune.

This year‘s programme will also include an intensive 5-day run of Baroque concerts, featuring musicians from, Italy, England, Norway, Germany, Albania and certainly, Malta.

Jack Thewma, Manager at BOV’s Gozo branch met Rev George Joseph Frendo who is the assistant artistic director and coordinator of the festival.

“Culture and education feature highly within the Bank’s programme for the community. BOV’s ethos seamlessly marries the philosophy behind the organisation of this festival where local talent is put to the limelight and presented to the community alongside foreign artistes. This festival serves as a great creative inspiration and contributes highly towards the educational facet,” said Thewma.

Rev George Frendo said, “The Victoria International Arts Festival is particularly appreciative of the continued support of the BOV throughout the years. Investing in the promotion of high-powered cultural events has indeed an added value, not only by stimulating cultural tourism, but also by inspiring local talent to reach out for excellence.”

The Victoria International Arts Festival was the brainchild of the resident choir at St George’s Basilica. The choir was formally set up by, Rev Dr Joseph Farrugia, Archpriest at the Basilica (1998 – 2007). Prof Maestro Joseph Vella is the Artistic Director of the Victoria International Arts Festival.

This year the festival kicks off on the 11 June 2014 and will run until 14 July 2014. Further information about the programme can be found by visiting

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