What hero worship looks like: MP suggests lending Muscat to Greece

Labour MP's solution for sovereign debt crisis proves how Facebook is a successful democracy of bright ideas

Labour MP Etienne Grech: Athens please take note...
Labour MP Etienne Grech: Athens please take note...

Facebook has provided a place for all those learned men of politics and orators whose profound analysis of the world’s woes have not yet graced precious inches of newsprint and political journals.

So while Athens burns and Alexis Tsipras rallies the support of his party to legislate reforms that will allow Greece to take its third bailout, Labour MP Etienne Grech Fgura may have found a solution to Greece’s rising unemployment and negative growth.

The GP from Fgura believes Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat is “the best leader in Europe” and could solve the Greek debacle within a matter of four months.

Joseph Muscat l-aqwa leader ta' l-Ewropa. Veru li l-Grecja ghandhom krizi finanzjarja u bid-djun u bil-bailouts u...

Posted by Etienne Grech on Tuesday, 21 July 2015


So goes his latest Facebook post, where a Muscat triptych has the Labour Party leader appearing celestial-like.

“Muscat is the best leader in Europe.

“It is true that Greece has a financial crisis because of debts, the bailouts and manoeuvres by the ESM, ECB, IMF, etc.

“But if we were to (hypothetically) lend them Joseph Muscat for four months so that he could lead them, the financial problems and institutional crisis which they have will be solved for them in a short time, in the same way as he solved the financial, economic an structural deficit that Malta had.”