You’ll need a ticket for Isle of MTV this year, but it’s still free

Ticketing system to be introduced to prevent overcrowding in interest of health and safety, MTA recommends those planning on attending to pre-register online when applications open

While this year's Isle of MTV remains free, entrance will only be allowed to those with a ticket
While this year's Isle of MTV remains free, entrance will only be allowed to those with a ticket

For the first time since it’s launch in Malta in 2007, concert goers will required a ticket to enter this summer’s Isle of MTV

The concert, which is to be held on 27 June, will remain free, however, with the aim behind the ticketing system being to prevent overcrowding in an effort to “ensure a higher level of health and safety”, the Malta Tourism Authority said.

The festival’s organisers have partnered with ticketing specialists Ticketmaster/Universal to create the system, and those planning on attending can pre-register for the event on the Isle of MTV official website.

“Fans will have the option to pre-register for the event, which will be open for two weeks prior to the official ticketing launch. Those fans that choose to pre-register will be able to apply for ticket registration 48 hours before the official launch, and will also enter into a ballot for the opportunity to win a pair of VIP tickets to the event,” the MTA said.

Nobody should worry that there won’t be enough tickets, the MTA highlighted, as tickets will be issued for the maximum capacity of il-Fosos Square. The maximum number of concert goers the square can take was drawn up by health and safety and security consultants.

“We are confident that the tickets made available will be able to meet both local and international demand,” it said, stressing however that if maximum capacity is reached during the registration period, the website would not accept any more ticket requests.

“Therefore, we strongly suggest that all interested fans register on the website as soon as they applications are open, so as to avoid any possibility of disappointment,” it advised.

Both printed and digital tickets will be accepted on the day of the event, and each person can apply for a maximum of four tickets.

No entrance without a ticket

Anyone without a ticket will not be able to enter the concert, the MTA emphasised, noting that those under 14 will need to have an adult with them, and all attendees should carry some form of identification.

A dedicated Isle of MTV box office will be in operation locally on specific dates to handle ticket registrations, answer queries and manage any event related issues. This will also aid those fans that are not able to access the website or do not have a valid email address, MTA said.

“Should there be any enquiries relating to ticketing, fans can contact – [email protected] or visit the Isle of MTV box office. Fans should also email [email protected] if they are no longer able to attend the main show if they have registered for tickets, as then we will then look to reissue their ticket(s),” it added.