[WATCH] Trailer for ‘Just Noise’, the film about Malta’s Sette Giugno riots

With stars Malcolm McDowell and Harvey Keitel, the story documents the seminal moment in the Maltese march towards self-determination and independence

Harvey Keitel stars in Just Noise in the role of acting governor Walter Charles Hunter Blair
Harvey Keitel stars in Just Noise in the role of acting governor Walter Charles Hunter Blair

Watch the trailer for the movie Just Noise, or Storbju in Maltese, starring Hollywood stars Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell in the film that tells the story of Sette Giugno, considered by many to be Malta’s first real revolution.

McDowell plays the role of Colonel Saville while Keitel plays acting governor Walter Charles Hunter Blair. 

The film is expected to be a hit with Maltese audiences who will see the intricacies of the Sette Giugno riots, a seminal moment in the Maltese march towards independence, played out on celluloid.

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Producer Jean Pierre Magro had said that he didn’t think it was possible to make a story about Malta, in Maltese, and sell it to an international market. “People used to laugh when I told them I wanted to make stories about the Maltese people. It’s just not something we’re used to doing.”

English actor Malcolm McDowell, known for his boisterous and often villainous roles, includes the social misanthrope Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange.

American actor Harvey Keitel has starred in films such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and The Duellists.

The film's director Davide Ferrario said he was excited to showcase Malta to an international market. One example was the Manoel Theatre, which he said he had included in the script after visiting it. “I was convinced that it needed to be a scene in the movie – it’s simply wonderful, and no one would think a place such as this would have existed in Malta in 1919.”  

Ferrario also noted the uniqueness of the Maltese language, which will play a big role in the film. “Hearing Maltese being spoken, like most things in Malta, I’ve come to release it’s a mix of different cultures, but still its own language in its own right.