Vella Gera novel Sriep... film adaptation gets August 6 screening at Eden

Based on the novel by Alex Vella Gera, Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi follows father and son Richard and Noel Sammut Petri, as hidden plans from 1984, weigh down on lives in 2012

Paul Portelli is ‘Spiteri’ in Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi
Paul Portelli is ‘Spiteri’ in Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi

A much-anticipated film adaptation of prize-winning author Alex Vella Gera’s Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi, finally airs in Maltese cinemas in August.

The National Book Council-supported film will be screened at Eden Cinemas from the 6 August.

Produced by Shadeena Entertainment, Splash Screen Entertainment, Andreas Kyriacou and director Martin Bonnici, the screenplay was adapted by Teodor Reljic.

1984, Malta is in the middle of a political crisis from years of corruption and a protracted fight between the socialist government and the Catholic church. Richard Sammut Petri (Gianni Selvaggi) a young father, is inducted into a shady organisation by his friend Roger Tabone (Joseph Zammit) and convinced to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malta. 2012, Noel Sammut Petri (Chris Galea) returns to Malta for his mother’s funeral, still haunted by the memories of his father Richard, who abandoned his family back in 1984. Slowly, Noel is pulled in by the old family friend Roger and his family, but the closer he gets, the more history starts to haunt his life and he becomes destined to fall in the same pit of snakes that took down his father.

With performances by Tina Rizzo, Erica Muscat, Joe Azzopardi, Matthew Maggi, Paul Portelli and Ronald Briffa.