[WATCH] Filming of German series Das Boot 2 starts at Malta Film Studios

The series' producers said that Malta's climate and the unique water tanks at Malta Film Studios in Kalkara were the reason they had returned to shoot the second season 

Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech and 'Das Boot' Producer Moritz Polter
Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech and 'Das Boot' Producer Moritz Polter

The filming of the second season of the popular German war series ‘Das Boot’ is currently underway at the Malta Film Studios in Kalkara.

The story is set in 1942, during a part of World War Two when submarine warfare was becoming more brutal. 

The series portrays the lives of a German U-boat crew, depicting the everyday events which would take place onboard the submarine, while also following the life of a German woman who is torn between loyalty to her country, and the French resistance. 

Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech said that the production will contribute around €3 million to the Maltese economy, with the producers granted a 40% cash rebate for choosing Malta as their filming destination. 

Grech said that out of the 230 crew members involved in the shooting, around 125 were Maltese, something he said was a boost to the local industry.  

“We hope to provide local personnel with the opportunities and training which would help to ensure a seamless product to producers looking to shoot films and series in Malta,” he said. 

Asked if there were any big productions in the pipeline, Grech said that the Malta Film Commision has a back-to-back schedule, with films and series expected to continue being filmed until the first week of November. 

“We want to continue proving that the industry is not working in fits and starts,” Grech said. 

This will be the second time ‘Das Boot’ will be filmed in Malta. 

Das Boot Producer Holger Reibiger, said that Malta’s water tanks were the best in Europe, and provided the best possible opportunity to shoot the sea-based series.

“Malta’s water tanks and the climate here, make Malta the obvious choice,” he said.

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