Maltese documentaries ‘The Normans’ and ‘The Giant Deep Reds’ win international awards

Locally-produced documentaries, one on Medieval period in Malta, the other on bluefin tuna, win international awards

The Filmcon Award won by 'The Normans'
The Filmcon Award won by 'The Normans'

Two documentaries produced in Malta have gone on to win international awards this year.

The documentaries “The Normans” and “The Giant Deep Reds”, produced by Chris & Maurice Micallef, won awards at international IMdB rated festivals in the last couple of months.

The Normans focuses on the medieval period in the Maltese islands, and has won best picture, best documentary feature, best television script and best trailer in the US Filmcon Awards.

Filmcon judges said the producers created “an impressive historical film with high production value, using live action shots, 3d animation, drawings, mythology stories, narration, dramatic score and beautiful sound design”

Other awards were given at the Latitude Film Awards held in the UK, the Druk International Film Festival, the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and the Crown Wood International Film Festival held in India, and the Florence Film Awards held in Italy, which saw them winning best costume design, best documentary feature, best educational film, best trailer, best production design, best director, best cinematography, best editing and best sound design for a number of times in these festivals.

The Giant Deep Red, which deals with the bluefin tuna and will be televised on One TV in 2020  also bagged awards, including the White Unicorn International Film Festival in India, where the documentary was voted as the best film, the best documentary, the best film on nature/environment and wildlife and best trailer.

Other awards were registered at the Pinnacle Film Awards, Topshorts, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Metro Film & TV Awards, So you can act film competition, Royal Wolf Film Awards, Festigious Los Angeles Competition, Short CineFest, the New York Film Awards, the Mindfield Film Festival and the Spotlight Documentary Awards, all held in the US and the Cult Critic Movie Awards which was held in India.

In all, to date The Normans has won 53 international awards, while The Giant Deep Reds got 44.

Both documentaries were produced by CMM Productions, in collaboration with Brand Expo Design and One Group.

The Micallefs have to-date won 339 awards in film-making both locally and in international film and video festivals.