New Victorians ‘Thick Skin’ launch is first-ever interactive album experience

The New Victorians perform at Valletta Campus Theatre second full-length album Thick Skin where audience will not only hear songs for the first time but also participate in playing tracks in immersive evening of entertainment

The New Victorians
The New Victorians

The New Victorians have announced they will be back with their second full-length album,Thick Skin.

Last year the sister duo released a bilingual EP with hit songs such as Min Jaf and Would You Stay, which featured both local artists such as Lapes, Djun and Michela Pace as well as international artists such as Graver and Horvath Bros.

They have now announced a weekend of exclusive performances where audiences will get to experience the brand new songs for the first time in an interactive pre-launch concert.

The shows will take place between 17-19 June at Valletta Campus Theatre. It will be Malta's first interactive album experience, where audience members will not only hear the songs for the first time but also participate in playing the tracks along with the duo during an immersive evening of entertainment.

The weekend performances will be an all-new way of experiencing live music, in collaboration with Late Interactive, featuring a bespoke, reactive light installation.

“As women, we've often been told that we need thick skin to get anywhere in life. But then, of course, we must make sure that our skin isn't too thick that it becomes numb or hardened; indifferent to the point where we can no longer feel, heal and empathise. So how does one toe the line? This 13-track album is all about two sisters in their late twenties grappling with life's ups and downs,” the sister duo said.

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta, Fino, Olimpus and Festivals Malta.