9 songs from the alternative playlist to the vomitorious ‘PM’s playlist’ by the Malta Philharmonic

Be kind to your ears and stick it to the man with our alternative playlist

‘To Joseph, just govern Malta like Marillion ruled the charts…’ - Muscat (left) with musical idol Fish
‘To Joseph, just govern Malta like Marillion ruled the charts…’ - Muscat (left) with musical idol Fish

Warning: this playlist does not contain any Marillion.

If you were a teddy boy in the late 1950s, chances are you loved American rock, some rhythm and blues, and looked like a greased-up hoodlum with drainpipes and pointy Cuban heels.

Rock ‘n’ roll then meant rebellion. But rebellion in rock music tends to be inversely proportionate to its age, and by the time we arrive in the 1990s – the prime of Mr Joseph Muscat, minister primus inter pares – rock’s genres and sub-genres and its commodification by record labels and MTV have turned it into yet another harmless trope of modern life.

Still, the gems abound aplenty.

And if you need a playlist to drown out the saccharine-sweet, cringeworthy muzak-of-worship that will be glorifying Malta’s prime minister - because the Malta Philharmonic seems to think our tax should be used to pay sweet musical tribute to a politican - we can only offer you this alternative selection.

Play it loud, and stomp your feet.

Morrissey, ‘Margaret on the guillotine’ Simple enough: it’s a slow, earnest one this, but just put your fave politician’s name instead of Maggie, and Bob’s your uncle.

T-Rex, ‘Children of the Revolution’ Feeling ready to stick it to the man? This one’s a glam classic

The Who, ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ New boss? Same as the old boss…

Sex Pistols, ‘God Save The Queen’ ‘She ain’t no fucking human being’ but a tax-leach from Germany who doesn’t want her son to be king.

M.I.A, ‘Born Free’ Play it loud.

Sleaford Mods, ‘B.H.S’ The collapsed department store chain  which all you love as a metaphor for the decline of the United Kingdom while “vultures monitor and pick at us”. This one’s a long shot, but maybe you can use it as a middle-finger for the tax haven worship shared by both the Labour and the Nationalist Parties.

Public Enemy, ‘Fight The Power’ Sure… the middle-class in Sliema will never clench its fist, but you can salute Muscat this way any time you see him in Valletta.

Gil Scott-Heron, ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ Only that, all revolutions and elections are televised, broadcast, live-tweeted, live-blogged, Facebook-live-streamed, and live-suffered…

Manic Street Preachers, ‘Repeat’  Fuck Queen and Country? Well, you know where this is taking you...


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