Muscat rules on in 2036 in playwright’s debut at the Manoel

'Sibna z-Zejt' billed as futurist satire where Labour prime minister yearns to shake off inscrutable power at a time when Malta finally strikes oil

Wayne Flask
Wayne Flask

In the year 2036, Labour prime minister Joseph Muscat yearns to make his final bow but the devoted electorate makes it impossible for him to abdicate his rule. News that Malta has finally struck oil – right beneath the Addolarata cemetery – sets the scene for a boisterously merry satire penned by Wayne Flask, whose dramatis personae ranges from the PN, the Curia, to the Chinese.

“The satire is scathing,” says director Sean Buhagiar, who returns to the boards after directing last year’s smash hit Jiena nhobb, inti thobb. “It’s open season on anybody who’s somebody in the political sphere... and beyond. Wayne is not very forgiving, and his satire is truly clever and his comedy blatantly tongue in cheek.”

Sibna z-Zejt is being billed as “beyond the usual send-off” for politics.

Murder, conspiracy, blackmail, kidnapping, and a coup d’état, feature in this comedic smorgasbord. The living can see advice from the deceased in this futuristic world, allowing Muscat to confer with firebrand Dom Mintoff from beyond the grave.

“It’s all in good fun, with a not-so-subtle pulling of political ears,” adds producer Mario Philip Azzopardi. “What makes this production different, is that Wayne Flask’s script is really an intelligent farce about our political spectrum, daring the audience to take a good funny look at our own exasperating, frustrating, infuriating, maddening, political shenanigans.”

This is nothing new for Stagun Teatru Malti, which prides itself on producing daring, often controversial, new original theatrical plays about the Maltese Experience

STM is presenting Sibna z-Zejt at the Manoel for eight performances, including a matinee on Sunday.  The stellar cast is made up of some of our best comedic talent, including Mario Micallef, Simon Curmi, Ronald Briffa, JP Busuttil, Manuel Cassar, Gilbert Formosa, Clive Piscopo, Luke Dalli, Alan Fenech, Frank Tanti, Triccas, Brussels-based actress Antonella Axisa and Peter Busuttil’s return to the Manoel.  

STM ‘ssecond offering this season will be presented at the Manoel Theatre on the 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23 and 24th May.

Booking is open at the Manoel box office or online at

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