MADC to stage David Hare’s award-winning play Skylight

Directed by André Agius, Skylight will feature Stephen Oliver, Simone Spiteri and Alex Weenink in the lead roles

Skylight, by David Hare
Skylight, by David Hare

The Malta Amateur Dramatics Club (MADC) has just announced that David Hare’s award-winning play will be opening its 2017-2018 season. The play, which will premiere on September 29 at the Valletta Campus Theatre, will run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until October 8.

Directed by André Agius, Skylight will feature Stephen Oliver, Simone Spiteri and Alex Weenink in the lead roles. Internationally this show-stopping play has won numerous awards, including the Olivier Award for Play of the Year in 1996, a Theatre World Special Award for Outstanding Debut Ensemble in 1997, and a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play in 2015.

“I describe this play as raw, relevant and human, as those are the keywords that I’ve carried within my overall vision for the play,” explains Mr Agius. “It was written in 1995 by socio-political playwright David Hare, but what immediately captured my attention was how pivotal its relevance still is in 2017. The topics and discussions that are thrown around the play’s apartment setting are still pertinent to today’s society, leading one to question if anything has really changed and if we have progressed forward from that time.”

The play’s simple yet thought-provoking script focuses on Kyra, a teacher of underprivileged children, who returns home to find the son of her former lover (Edward) at her apartment in London. As Edward tries to convince her to make amends with his now-widowed father, the father himself visits Kyra’s apartment. As the story unfolds, a Pandora’s box of power, politics and passion is opened yet again.

Working together with the core cast and crew are Thomas Camilleri as set-designer and decorator, and Ritty Tacsum, who is responsible for photography and videography.

“Putting together a strong, reliable and creative artistic team with a balance of experienced and new faces was incredibly important to me. I know that a performance is only as good as the people working on it and, thus, I was determined to have people come on board that I trust and who share the same vision that I have for the play,”  Agius concludes.

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