Logix is now DNA: ‘We’re leaving the past behind for a new chapter’

DNA founder and DAAA Haus CEO Keith Pillow on the rebrand of Logix Creative to DNA

New face, new name… new future for Logix, but same DNA indeed: this is how the video to the newly launched DNA Studio, formerly Logix Creative, encapsulates the ethos behind the new brand identity for the digital and design agency.

“In a few words, I would say it was about time. To be fresh, new, and relevant for the future. Leaving the past behind, moving on to a new chapter,” said CEO Keith Pillow, founder of DNA and DAAA Haus.

Pillow stressed the importance of the heritage and knowledge acquired through the years. “Whilst the past is important for us all as it formed us, it does not make us stop there. We control our destiny and the path to a more successful and vibrant future, therefore a new brand was meticulously created to represent us today and will project us into the future,” he said of Logix Creative.

“When I took over the business in October 2019, I took over the leadership of a team of creative and experienced individuals with the idea of promoting and nurturing a new start-up mentality. I wanted to make sure that we are out there, full of energy, the same way we were back more than 20 years ago, with the only difference that we now know more, we are more experienced and have the credibility that is required in such a competitive industry.

“I want to be fun, cool and attractive not only to our clients but to also attract the best talent in the industry. Above all, I wanted to give the team a brand that they can associate themselves with, not a brand that has been inherited. Ask any creative to work on something that someone else did before, they simply cannot. We are the same species with a new name, a new spirit.”

Team DNA
Team DNA

So why DNA’ as a name?

Pillow: “After having established DAAA Haus I learned a lot. I learned that I too am part of the face of the brand. This brand had to represent me too, and I like short names and minimalistic brands. It also needed to be a brand that is close to the DAAA language whilst being independent. During a number of internal brainstorming sessions, we all came up with a few suggestions. Some were really good, but in the end, DNA stood out from them all.

“It meant something too. At first, it started as an acronym to Design New Agency, Digital New Agency and DAAA New Agency, but most importantly it meant we projected ourselves as the people with that special creative DNA. Then one day, whilst listening to Bruce Springsteen during a live performance intro to his masterpiece ‘Growing Up’, I felt that I had made the right choice.

“He spoke about DNA in such a meaningful way that it made me think how it represented me and the team. He started the concert with a poetic definition of his creative magical DNA: ‘DNA is the creative fire in your belly that comes in handy when facing 80,000 screaming rock and roll fans.’” 

So, after 26 years of you being in the business, do you still find this industry exciting? What gives you the thrill?

“Logix Creative had been in the industry for over two decades and it is one of the few agencies that survived so many changes, even changes globally, in the advertising and creative industry. When I took over the business, a year and a half ago, I must say I was scared and pretty much doubtful if I could do this all over again.

“After 13 years away from the day-to-day running of Logix, building on the DAAA Haus brand, the media and marketing business was not something I felt comfortable with. But soon after I took over, I realised that the creative principle is the same as designing a building or an interior of a hotel. The media changed, but the principles of marketing remained the same. It’s like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how to ride, you will never forget it. The more you do it the more confident you get and start enjoying it again.

“So yes, I am now excited like I was 26 years ago, if not more! I am launching a brand that represents me, combined with the experience, knowledge and energy to lead and manage things better than ever before.

“I cannot pin point the exact thing that gives me the thrill to do this again. It’s more of a mixture of things. It's the people who surround you, the creative people around you, and the passion to do what you love doing: to create, it's the grit that keeps me going. It's that fire in our belly to stand up and do it again.”

What vision do you have for DNA?

“The vision is simple: to enjoy the journey. Keep it fun but meaningful. If we do it with passion, we will achieve all our goals, one of which is to be a recognized as a meaningful international branding and digital agency.” 

Finally, what makes DNA different from the rest?

“We are not different. We are unique. We are 26 years younger.  A very close-knit team of creatives, competitive and resourceful. We are building a new business with hindsight. We play by the rules but we are ferocious. We are part of the DAAA family. We are DNA.”

We also took a moment to collect comments from some DNA team members

Jean Claude Vancell – Senior Creative Designer: “It’s exciting to see the company dig deep down into its roots and evolve into what it is today. The philosophy of DNA is something each of us believe in, and the enthusiasm to give the studio a new face was infectious. Through our rebranding we would like to show our clients what we can do for them. We’re a team of people who are versatile, multi-talented and eager to take on new challenges.”

Alexia Cortis – Senior Web / Digital Designer: “Even though we have been in operation for the past 26 years, it feels as if we are starting a new company with years of experience and a strong portfolio of works to support our company. With this rebrand I feel that the new brand really portrays our creativity as we are just letting the client’s work speak for itself. I personally feel that this also brought new positive energy into the studio.  Working as a team helps us grow as individuals by being all-rounders, apart from improving our skills in our individual sectors. Having Keith as our creative director is inspiring and motivating, as he challenges us and supports us to overcome any obstacles we might face and he also helps us in getting out of our comfort zones. This helps us grow in being better creatives and this will also, in turn, be reflected in the work we create for our clients.”

Salvatore Palmieri – Creative Designer: “I joined this family less than 2 years ago, I started with an internship, under the guidance of Keith and my senior designer and friend, Jean, I learned a lot and now I am a full time graphic designer. For Logix this is a historic moment, I can feel the change in the air, it gives to me a lot of determination. I am proud to live the re-branding of the company, it’s like I have always been part of it, I am excited for the future, can’t wait to unleash all my passion and creativity. Born from Logix, growing in DNA. This is just another start.”

Diana Iskander – Social Media Manger / Creative Designer: “Rebranding feels like creating something new that we can really feel it's coming from us, therefore it feels it is us. Personally, I am very excited and I feel very much part of this new journey with the team. I love the new brand, the style, what we are communicating, it is part of my identity too. Our vision is very strong. The rebranding started from a small thought and we developed it as a team and brought it to life exactly how we imagined. The videos that we created all in-house reflects this thought very well. I feel that Keith is a great leader and we are creating together something amazing and extraordinary. We think many times out of the box and that makes us unique.”

Cecilia Portelli – Marketing Strategy Manager: “I have been with Logix Creative for over 20 years now. I have seen the company grow and change, overcoming obstacles and difficulties, celebrating milestones and achievements. Although I do joke about being here for so long enough to make me part of the furniture, there is a reality about it. Ever since the beginning I felt at home and the team always felt like a family. Now that we have come to a new change with a new identity, a new spirit was born – it is a totally fresh start! The history, the heritage and the memories that made us are obviously still with me, in my heart. I do look forward to change, I do embrace the new brand and I look forward to the new chapter. My colleagues are also a big part of my life – my extended family. I also feel that under Keith’s leadership, we can achieve bigger goals and make our dreams a reality. I have never been happier and I am so excited about this…. It’s crazy good! Very proud of what we have evolved to.”