PN leader visits Attard shops, distributes party’s retail policy document

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says he is very encouraged by feedback to his party’s policy proposals for the retail sector, particularly reducing the tax on operating profits to 10% for shops, self-employed and SMEs

PN leader Simon Busuttil visits retail shops in Attard
PN leader Simon Busuttil visits retail shops in Attard
PN leader presents policy document to Attard retailers.

The positive feedback of shop owners and small business owners to the Nationalist Party’s document on proposed policies for the retail sector was very encouraging, particularly with regards to the proposed tax reduction, according to opposition leader Simon Busuttil.

Busuttil visited a number of shops in Attard on Thursday and distributed copies of his party’s ‘A Policy for Retailers’ document, which lists 51 proposals aimed at the retail sector and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“Many of the people I met were particularly interested on the PN’s proposal to reduce tax paid by shops, retail outlets, self-employed and SME to 10% on the first €50,000 of their operating profits,” he said.

The document was officially launched on Sunday during the PN’s General Council.

Busuttil said this was the first-ever document drawn up by a political party specifically for the retail sector, affecting some 18,000 employees and 50,000 families.

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