Air Malta, Alitalia code-share agreement registers ‘eight-fold revenue’ increase in a month

A code-share agreement between Air Malta and Alitalia yielded good revenue airlines last December, Malta’s national airline says

The code-share signed recently between Air Malta and Alitalia has resulted in an eightfold increase in interline revenue between the two airlines last December, Air Malta said today.

Other interline partnerships registering growth were KLM, British Airways and Brussels Airlines that showed on average of 35% growth over the past year. During this month overall interline revenue of the airline grew by 3% over the same period last year.

“Such results show the importance of code-share agreements especially for small airlines like Air Malta. Through such arrangements we are widening our network and creating additional revenue streams”, said Paul Sies, Air Malta’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“A strong Air Malta is vital for the islands. We need to be able to create new markets offer better travel deals for people travelling to and from Malta and work together with our stakeholders to bringing new visitors to the islands and making sure Malta stays connected to the world effectively. Together with its code-share partner airlines, we offer a network of over 100 destinations.”

Air Malta and Alitalia signed a code-share agreement that allows both airlines to offer even more opportunities for travel between Malta and Italy and other destinations beyond.

This agreement enabled Alitalia to place its code and flight numbers on all Air Malta flights between Malta and Italy.

Similarly, the Maltese airline placed its code and flight numbers on Alitalia flights between Malta and Rome and a selection of flights beyond Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, Milan’s Linate Airport and Catania.

This means that Air Malta guests can buy flights through the national airline to other points in Italy connecting to the airport served by Air Malta to have a seamless trip to most cities in Italy including Venice, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Genoa, Florence, Nice, Geneva and London City Airport among others.

Air Malta’s timings between Malta and Rome also connect with Alitalia flights to/from New York and other airports in the USA.

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