De La Rue expansion ties in to vision of Malta being at forefront of innovation - Joseph Muscat

The Prime Minister said he was happy that while De La Rue was downsizing across the globe, operators present in Malta were reconfirming their trust in Malta's workforce and what the country had to offer

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this afternoon expressed his satisfaction at the fact that anticounterfit printers De La Rue had decided to invest in expanding its Malta facility.

After initially announcing that it would be downsizing its Malta operation, De La Rue decided to invest €27 million in expanding its Bulebel facility.

The new product authentication facility will produce tax stamps, authentication and brand protection products, including brand protection labels for Microsoft, one the world’s most famous brands.

"Your choice to have Malta as a centre of excellence ties into our vision of having Malta at the forefront of innovation," Muscat said to the company's management.

The Prime Minister was speaking after he toured a new wing at De La Rue, where he congratulated the company for its ambitious plans for growth. He was joined by the Economy Minister Chris Cardona, De La Rue International’s Chief Operating Officer Bryan Gray and De La Rue Malta Director Edward Chetcuti.

Muscat said De La Rue was integral partner for Malta, having set up shop in the midst of the country's industrialisation boom. The company and Malta had gone on to develop a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, he added.

The Prime Minister said he was happy that while the industry De La Rue operated in was downsizing across the globe, operators present in Malta were reconfirming their trust in Malta's workforce and what the country had to offer.

“The fact that a global leading brand in its field has time and time again chosen Malta as a principal base to support its global operations is a certificate of the excellence of our workforce and the honesty of our partnership with industry,” Muscat said. 

He stressed that Malta's success in attracting and keeping companies like De La Rue was due to the government's investment in education and it's cooperation with the business community.

De La Rue's chief operating officer Brian Gray, who toured the facility with the Prime Minister said the company's Malta facility was unique because it was able to produce all of the company's products.

He said today was an important milestone for the company after it started operating in Malta in 1975, and started its passport factory in 2008.

“I am very grateful for the long-term partnerships here in Malta which have supported us over the last 40 years. I would also like to extend my thanks to all of the team who are continually recognised for their excellence across the whole organisation. Malta is a central part of De La Rue’s international strategy and we committed to investing in the future,” Gray said. 

It has since made over 50 million passports, he said, employing over 160 employees.

He thanked Muscat and the government for their continued support and leadership.

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