Burmarrad Group introduces a fleet of 9 fully electric vehicles to its operations

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat applauds the bold green initiative of Burmarrad Group

Burmarrad Group, a leading supplier of new and used commercial and private vehicles, has invested more than €200,000 to introduce a nine strong fleet of fully electric Peugeot Partner.

The Partner L1 Fleet is capable of fully recharging from zero percent to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes at an electric vehicle docking station. The same vehicle can also be fully charged at home in just eight hours. With one full charge, the zero-emissions  Peugeot Partner can achieve up to 170 kilometres per gallon equivalent.

Sharon Camilleri, director at Burmarrad Group said, “as one of the largest suppliers of commercial and private vehicles, we continuously strive to diversify and adapt to the current needs of the market. Thus we were fully in favour to get behind this green initiative and successfully implement it.”

When asked if consumers are still wary of purchasing electric vehicles Gauci emphasised that this is simply the way forward. 

“It’s the future, less maintenance, less overall costs. All of these factors will help businesses cut costs and thrive financially.”

In his speech at the official launch on Thursday evening, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat applauded the efforts of the Gauci family. 

“With this investment, Burmarrad Group is taking the first step towards recasting the cultural tendencies in the commercial sector,” expressed the Prime Minister.

He went on to say, “We need to change the cultural perception of the transport sector. We must move towards similar initiatives. Such change can only be brought about with a strong collective effort which includes us politicians, investors, and consumers alike.” 

When opting to purchase and register such vehicle, a government grant of €7,000 is applicable while de-registering and scrapping another vehicle of the same category which must be ten or more years older from its original year of manufacture.

On the other hand, a €6,000 grant is applicable when registering a new electric vehicle of the aforementioned category. 

In addition to that, no license fee is issued for the first five years of registration, thereafter a payment of €10 will apply.

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