Water Services Corporation wins European Water Governance Prize

The Water Services Corporation CEO Richard Bilocca said that Malta receiving international attention and recognition signified the validity of the corporation’s workforce 

The Water Services Corporation has been awarded the Water Governance Prize at the Annual Water Innovation Europe Event.  

“The Corporation’s EU funded major project stood out as a set of large scale infrastructural initiatives that are reversing natural water scarcity whilst giving a better product to the general public and ensuring the sustainability of the sector,” the WSC said in a statement. 

The company said that the project addresses the main blocks of the WSC operational cycle, substantially increasing the quality of tap water whilst reducing CO2 emissions, in order to ensure better efficiency and to safeguard groundwater.

“Malta receiving international attention and recognition signifies the validity of the corporation’s workforce from its most talented engineers, scientists and architects to the hard-working technical teams that not only materialize these projects but also inspire them,” CEO Richard Bilocca said. "The award is a testament of the successful governance solutions that are resulting from the project."

Bilocca said that with over 200 participants from all around Europe taking part in the Water Innovation Europe annual conference, it “has grown to become the landmark event of the European water value chain.” He said the event brings together all the aspects of the sector including “scientists and technology developers, utility representatives, large water users, European Public authorities, civil society organizations and finance experts.”

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