[WATCH] Government set to ensure Malta remains industry leader as it embraces digital innovation

Digital innovation is at the core of the Malta Information Technology Agency's strategy for 2021-2023 as the government insists Malta looks set to remain an industry leader

Minister Silvio Schembri
Minister Silvio Schembri

The government is committed to being a pioneer in the field of digital innovation as it gears up to best harness and monetise upcoming advances in technology, economy minister Silvio Schembri said this morning.

“We want to show we are prepared for the next generation as we embrace emerging technology in our strategy moving forward,” he said.

Schembri was speaking at the launch of the 2021-2023 strategy for the Malta Information Technology Agency.

He said the digital innovation ahead will be based on technology, good governance and effectivity. And the government was once again committed to making sure Malta remain an industry leader in this sector.

And Malta is not alone in recognising the onset of a digital future.

“The EU is, in allocating funds, favouring initiatives and projects that focus on digital services and innovation,” Schembri said.

He noted how past investment in MITA had paid dividends as COVID-19 reached Malta and people, including public service workers, needed to work from home to help mitigate the spread of the pandemic.

And today, with digital crime on the rise, the agency plays a crucial role in providing a solid cyber security network to ensure government data integrity at all times.

Emanuel Darmanin, head of strategy and busuness at MITA, said the agency’s strategy for 2021 to 2023 is built around seven core pillars: Advising government on technology projects; information security and cyber security at a national level; data storage and infrastructure; digital technologies including artificial intelligence; modernised digital platforms; public administration solutions; and internal support services.

“We will be building our future on strategic, technological and operational principles which will lead us to embrace new technology while continuing to provide the essential services we offer today,” executive chairman Tony Sultana said