Melita Wifi launched, users can expect speeds of at least 30 Mbps

100,000 Melita customers can access wifi for free

Melita's wireless connectivity service, melitaWifi, was officially launched today. The service promises to be a free next generation Wi-Fi broadband internet service offering seamless connectivity, indoors and outdoors.

The service was soft launched last November for about 25,000 Melita customers and is now available for free to more than 100,000 Melita customers.

During a launch event in St George’s Square, Valletta, Melita Group CEO Andrei Torriani explained that melitaWIFI is already available in 7 outdoor zones including The Strand, Sliema, Paola, Bugibba and Marsascala.

“We enabled about 30,000 indoor Wi-Fi hotspots and this number is growing daily. The service is free to all Melita mobile contract customers and we’re now extending free access to all Melita customers on a trial basis until June” said Mr Torriani. 

Torriani also announced that melitaWIFI outdoor zones are now also available in Valletta’s busiest streets including Republic Street and Merchants’ Street. melitaWIFI takes advantage of Melita’s superfast nationwide broadband network to deliver equally fast internet on mobile devices via Wi-Fi technology.

Torriani also announced that Melita’s entry-level download speed has increased to 30 Megabits per second and all Melita customers will soon enjoy a minimum of 30 Megabits as their download speed.

“That’s 30 times more than just a few years ago. Our customers can already enjoy nationwide download speeds of up to 100 Megabits per second and in some areas, such as Sliema and St Julian’s, even faster speeds of up to 250 Megabits are available”, said Torriani.

More localities are expected to be upgraded to speeds of up to 250 Megabits per second throughout this year.

The launch event was also addressed by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Melita’s Chairman Joseph A. Gasan. In his speech, Gasan traced the company’s humble beginnings as a cable TV provider and the evolution that followed over a period of more than 20 years.

“Our passion for innovation and our financial investments are a clear testament of Melita’s strong belief in Malta’s potential. Melita’s shareholders are committed to this company and to Malta, and through their investments and international expertise we can effectively implement projects like the one we’re unveiling today.

“We continue investing heavily in infrastructure, both locally and externally to connect Malta to the rest of the world. This enables us to offer even better and more reliable services,” said Gasan.

Throughout the next five years Melita will be investing another 60 million Euros to continue upgrading its services.

More information about melitaWIFI can be found on

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