Google says 'Allo'

Google begins roll-out of its new instant messenger app for Android and iOS • Malta roll-out will be complete by Thursday

Expect Google Allo to reach your phone by Thursday
Expect Google Allo to reach your phone by Thursday

Tech giant Google has begun rolling out its new messaging app “Allo”, as of yesterday.

The app, which is currently being made available for download on both Android and iOS users in the US, uses your phone number to connect with other users, instead of your Google account. This eliminates the need to register to send messages - much like the popular WhatsApp instant messenger.

Aside from the ability to send messages, photos, video, your location, stickers, or emoji, the application integrates the new Google Assistant into the user's converstations. So while you’re chatting with a friend about plans to eat out, for example, Google Assistant will try to assist by offering to find a restaurant or add an event to your calendar.

On the app's official website, Google claims Allo also “makes it easier for users to respond quickly and keep the conversation going while on the go.” Google's new Smart Reply algorithm is designed to suggest responses for photos. So if a friend sends a photo of their pet, the recipient might see Smart Reply suggestions such as “aww cute!” and so on.

Smart Reply is designed to learn from users' interactions and improve its suggestions over time and adjust to individual writing styles, the website says.

Google says Allo will be available for download in Malta on Thursday from the App Store or Play Store.

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