iCentre offers discount on old iPhone batteries

iCentre announced that any iPhone 6 or later version could be taken to iCentre's service centre for diagnostic tests and have your battery changed for €35

iCentre in Malta yesterday announced that anyone who has an iPhone 6 or later version could take their phone to iCentre’s Service Centre in Pieta to have their battery changed at a discounted price.

The company said that the phones would be tested to confirm that it is not working properly. “Should this be the case you will be given an appointment to come and have your battery changed at the discounted price of €35,” their facebook post said.


The announcement came after Apple admitted to taking measures in order to slow down the performance of older iPhones.

In a statement to costumers, Apple internationally said that there has been a “misunderstanding” about the battery use and gave a lengthy explanation of how lithium-ion batteries age.

The company said it would replace batteries for less and will issue software in 2018 so customers can monitor their phone's battery health.

The US tech company now announced a $50 reduction in the cost of iPhone battery replacements, down from $79 to $29, and an iOS software update providing updates on iPhone battery health in early 2018.

iCentre later took to Facebook again regarding the test procedure.

“As requested by Apple Inc, (basic) diagnostic tests need to be carried out on each unit prior to any kind of service,” the second update read.


“Essentially such tests are for information purposes only and check the battery health and life. Since this replacement program is open to all customers, such tests will not determine whether one can qualify for this offer or not.”

The diagnostic tests would also be beneficial for costumers, since they would know whether any issues they may have encountered were related to the battery or to any other component. Tests only take a few minutes, and are run while the customer waits, the statement said.

“Once test are finished, and customers would like to have the battery replaced, we will set an appointment to replace the battery. iCentre will endeavour to replace the battery and return the iPhone on the same day.”

This service is effective immediately and will go on until December 2018

If the iPhone is still covered with the first year Apple Limited Warranty, iCentre would change the battery for free if the tests reveal problems or issued with the battery health. However, as per EU Consumer Law, during the second year customers should refer to the point of purchase and/or the reseller.

“iCentre would like to point out that, as an Apple Authorised Resellers and Apple Authorised Service Provider, we are bound by Apple Inc Policies and other Terms and Conditions. iCentre understands that many customers feel Apple Inc has let them down but there might have been some misunderstandings regarding this issue.”

iCentre also provided some information issued by Apple regarding battery performance in their Facebook post.

“Please also note that third party sources (like The Verge, Mac rumours etc) are not official Apple sources and may not always provide accurate information. We will keep you updated if there are any other changes and/or communication coming directly from Apple Inc.”


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