Shine bright like a diamond | Choosing the perfect ring

This Christmas it’s truly a love that lasts forever with this glamorous collection of solitaire diamonds and trilogy settings at Sterling.

Choosing between a Solitaire or a Trilogy is never an easy task, when it comes to buying a diamond ring. Both Solitaires and Trilogies represent a level of style, glamour and class.

So which one do you choose and what does that ring say? With a solid 120 year reputation, Sterling walks us through our choices.

Through its simplicity the Solitaire ring shows finesse and class. With its single stone mount, the solitaire is in itself a timeless ring that will never go out of style.

On the other hand, the Trilogy rings allow for versatility and personality. The three diamonds signify the past, present and future. The romantic in you will tell you Now, Always, Forever.

With a three stone setting you are able to select the sizes of the side and center stones as well as the type of stones that are in the ring. Through this versatility, the Trilogy guarantees a level of style and glamour, which adorns the bearer. 

The choice of the style has to reflect one's preferences. At times, this can be a very elaborate process. Over the past 120 years, Sterling has built a reputation of service and product, which is of the highest certified quality. Sterling's diamonds are personally selected and each selection is the result of their expertise and the meticulous way they seek to bring real value to their esteemed clientele in return for their investment.

Sterling makes sure to put our minds at rest because all of their diamonds are certified and each certification is in itself a guarantee of the quality of the product.

With peace of mind, your attention is focused on selecting the one diamond ring that best reflects your personality. Sterling's experienced staff will be there to advice you and assist you make the right choice. You can find their diamond collection in any of the Sterling stores located around Malta and Gozo.

If you're looking for quality, value, and variety to best reflect your style, your choice has to be Sterling with their glamorous collection of solitaire diamonds and trilogy settings. 

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