[WATCH] This video perfectly captures the joy of Christmas

*WARNING* This video will make you emotional 

With Christmas around the corner it's hard not to feel the spirit. But let's forget about the Christmas lights, secret santa, festitivities and Christmas shopping for a minute and remind ourselves with the real joy of Christmas. 

Family, love to all and coming together - that is the joy and true meaning of Christmas. Given the nature of life, coming together and spreading love and joy can be a challenge in itself. Luckily, in Malta, with our rather close proximities, we can make the journey to come together and the weather is not all so bad after all. It's just a little rain isn't it?

The expression on the old man's face when he sees that his friendly neighbour has decorated his home with lights in this video is pure magic. Let it be a reminder to us all that at the end of the day, you are loved.

It's in the final seconds of this Christmas video that we realise it's actually the most stealthily done ad for Glade's limited edition winter collection of candles which are available now in Malta at all leading retail outlets. Each candle is designed to truly uplift our spirits and make us feel joy this season. I mean you can't really go wrong with candles named Sparkling Wonder, Cheerful Spirits, Timeless Joy, Bright Delight, Enchanting Dreams and Relaxing Zen.  

We'll just leave you with these lyrics to meditate on: 

"This is my wish

My wish for the world
That peace would find its way
To every boy and girl

This is the time
The time for harmony
Let love be the song
That everybody sings

Fill the air with joyful noise
Ring the bells and raise your voice
Let there be peace on earth"

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