Voices from all over the world are making Malta’s Christmas a special one

Reġjun Tramuntana’s Malta International Christmas Choir Festival brings together local councils and European nations in a magnificent marathon of sung masses

Regjun Tamuntana for the first time is organising a festival that brings together its 12 localities.

The idea of making a festival which brings together all the localities and produce an event as one entity had been brewing for various years It was only when the Department of Local Government allocated the first Economic, Social and Cultural plan budget that this was possible. Our churches, are not only a religious monument, they are also a cultural and architectonic heritage, one that brings together the entire region. The idea o a choir festival, made it possible that all localities would take part in this unique festival and present to the audience an opportunity to see our churches in their glorious ambiance accompanied to the angelic tones of the choirs.

Between the 7th and the 9th December, Regjun Tramuntana, which comprises of the local councils of Mdina, Had Dingli, Mellieha, Mgarr, Mosta, Naxxar, Hal Gharghur, Mtarfa, Rabat, San Paul il-Bahar, Pembroke and Swieqi, shall be bring together 25 choirs, 14 Maltese and 11 foreign participants who shall perform together in 12 different churches. In all, there shall be 7 evening concerts, and 7 Sunday Masses accompanied by the Choirs.

The opening night shall take place on the 7th December, where three concerts will take place in the localities of Mellieha, Had Dingli and Rabat.

The three concerts will be at:

St Mary’s Parish Church of Dingli will host the first concert, starting at 7:30pm. Six choirs coming form Sardinia, Spain, Lithuania, Wales and Malta shall take part.

The Nativity of Our Lady’s parish church of Mellieha will be hosting the second concert. Starting at 7:30pm, six choirs hailing from Hungary, Sicily, Greece and Malta shall take part.

Ta’ Giezu Church of Rabat, will host the third concert, which will also open the Natalis Notabilis Celebrations in the locality of Rabat, with five choirs coming from Lithuania, France Sardinia and Malta will take part.

On the 8th of December, another three concerts will be organised. These shall be at:

The Nativity of Our Lady Parish Church of Naxxar at 7:30pm, where six choirs coming from Sardinia, Hungary, Lithuania and Malta shall take part.

St Mary’s Parish Church of Mgarr will host the 2nd concert. Starting at 7:30pm, six choirs hailing from Greece, Lithuania, Sardinia and Malta shall take part.

The third concert takes us to Santa Maria’s Basilica of Mosta starting at 8:30pm, with six choirs coming from Wales, France, Sicily, Spain and Malta taking part.

On the 9th December, seven foreign choirs coming form Sicily, Lithuania, Greece, Sardinia, and Hungary, shall take part in a number of Holy Masses. These will be at:

9:45am Holy Mass at the Ta Giezu Chrch at Rabat;

11am Holy Mass at St Francis of Assisi Parish Church of Qawra,

11am Holy Mass at the Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Church of San Pawl il-Bahar,

11am Holy Mass at the Risen Christ Parish Church of Pembroke

11am Holy Mass at St Oswald’s Parish Church of Mtarfa,

12:15pm Holy Mass at The Immaculate Conception Parish Church of Swieqi, and 11am Holy Mass at St Mary’s Basilica of Mosta

In the evening of the 9th December, the Region presents the final night of this prestigious festival. This final concert, starts at 7:15pm, and will take place in Mdina’s Cathedral. Taking part are 12 choirs from Malta, Lithuania, Sardinia, Hungary, France, Sicily, Greece, Spain and Wales.

National broadcaster TVM shall be filming and eventually broadcasting this final night closer to Christmas Day.

There is no entry free for any of the concerts, however, a donation which will go for charities working in our Region would be appreciated.

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