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Divorce, referenda and the will of the majority - but what are politicians really telling us?

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The Maltese are tasting their own medicine-no pun intended-and have elected a group of politicians that reflect this reality.What makes you think that the Maltese deserve anthing better?. Witness Vassalli: died a pauper in an unknown grave; Manuel Dimech stoned at Qormi and exiled with the connaivance of the Church ( no human rights then) Guze Ellul Mercer: buried in the mizbla; Mintoff interdected, and depicted as satan in disguise. Who is next on the list? The Maltese are not ready for divorce yet and any leader that pushes the cart before the donkey is commiting political suicide. Guerilla warfare though street corners prayers cum defence against divorce have already started in Gozo and in Mellieha. The only way GonziPN could retain power is through the trojan horse of the divorce issue.
Andy Ellul
When it comes to the divorce issue there is only one politician who shows weakness....Lawrence Gonzi. Actually he shows how weak he is in every major issue that comes up regularly. But the divorce issue takes the cake. As for the Power Station saga, if he had any balls he'd appoint a real independent "prosecutor" with unlimited resources and the power to put witnesses under oath and IF anybody is found guilty of ANY wrongdoing he'll make sure they are punished. Never mind the "Auditor" and his "no hard evidence".
Imelda Schembri
I was an avid reader of you blog comments, but since you have gone on to video i no longer have this pleasure since i am partially deaf. Can you revert to your old system or also publish it as well and also when are you going to go back to your digital paper.

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