Malta finalising carbon neutrality plan for 2050, minister tells Brussels

‘Malta fully committed to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050’ says environment minister Aaron Farrugia

Environment minister Aaron Farrugia (right) in Brussels
Environment minister Aaron Farrugia (right) in Brussels

Malta’s strategy for carbon neutrality will be finalised in the coming weeks, environment minister Aaron Farrugia said at an environment ministers meeting in Brussels. 

Speaking at the Environment Council of Ministers in Luxembourg, Farrugia said the government’s efforts to ensure that Malta’s power generation is LNG-based was already a start in making Malta low-carbon. “It’s a leap that other member states have not yet made. In fact, Malta is the lowest emitter per capita in the European Union,” Farrugia said. 

Farrugia said Malta’s potential to reduce emissions further was comparatively more difficult than other member states due to the specificities of being an island member state. “Being blessed with sunshine and pristine seas, we have no chance for hydro-electric power and further opportunities for renewable energy, whether solar or wind, are also limited by our small size, extensive protected land and marine areas and deep surrounding sea.” 

Farrugia said it was essential for Malta to reach neutrality “in a just way” – taking into consideration socio-economic repercussions on the competitiveness of an island to safeguard jobs and growth.  

“Our calculations show that it will be challenging but we will stay the course. We are committed to climate action, and recognise the need for the EU to show drive towards climate mitigation where our combined collective efforts must set the pace for the rest. 

“It is precisely in this conviction that, despite its unique circumstances and disproportionate marginal mitigation costs, Malta has embraced carbon neutrality,” he said. 

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