Earth Garden to celebrate its tenth anniversary

Earth Garden festival will celebrate its tenth anniversary between 3 and 5 June this year, organisers expect it to attract a larger international audience

The tenth edition of the Earth Garden festival will be held at the Ta’ Qali park between 3 and 5 June.

This year’s edition will feature one festival, with one main stage: the Roots Stage that will host all the concerts and major acts. The Roots Stage will be transformed into a 22 metre wide stage and incorporates the concerts that used to happen at the Greek Theatre.

The abolition of the Greek Theatre will in no way mean a lack of concerts, but rather the Roots Stage will be double the size from last year’s edition.

Local artists who will perform at the festival are Brikkuni, Tribali and Etinika, while notable international artists are Neville Staple, Nicky Bomba, Tape Five and Malta Ska Orchestra.

“Every edition, it gets more challenging to deliver on our promise of Earth Garden being an experience, not just an event,” said Howard Keith, another member of the organising team. “The Roots Stage is not only becoming literally bigger in terms of  line up , hosting different styles of music such as folk, reggae, ska and world music, but will be more than double the size from last year’s edition . Yet again, the Roots Stage will surely be a showcase of concerts that will attract an even larger international audience.”

As per previous editions, other areas like; the Electronic Sphere, the Camping Area, the Why Not? Jamming Area, the Ethnic Market, the Art Square, the Enchanted Forest, a kids fun area and for the second time the Why Not? Workshops & Healing Area, will also feature.

The “green” aspect of the Festival will also continue to develop, the festival last year saved almost 4000kg of waste resources. 

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