On World Environment Day, BirdLife Malta calls for an environmentally-conscious government

NGO says Environment Day should make us reflect on how our activity effects biodiversity’s wellbeing

Today is World Environment Day
Today is World Environment Day

Malta’s largest environmental NGO, BirdLife Malta, has marked World Environment Day, saying it “will always be looking at ways of collaborating, and working closely, with the Government on all environment issues for the common good of our country.”

The NGO stated that the importance of taking care of our environment is always increasing with massive challenges ahead. “Today we celebrate a day that reminds us of the importance of protecting and taking care of our environment. When we do this we are taking care of our health too.

“Today is also the day when Dr Joseph Muscat, leader of the Labour Party, has been sworn in as our country’s Prime Minister for the new legislature. BirdLife Malta takes this opportunity to wish all the best to Dr Muscat and the new government he will lead. BirdLife Malta has issued ten electoral proposals that range from solving problems of waste, water and environmental law enforcement to protecting our ODZ land and implementing management plans for the Natura 2000 sites in our country. “

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