Hunters ‘urged to stay calm’ over public domain legislation

Hunters’ federation FKNK is urging hunters and trappers ‘to stay calm’ after 24 sites were recommended as public domain

Hunters’ federation FKNK is urging its members “to stay calm” following the declaration by Minister Ian Borg, now responsible of lands too, that 24 sites have been nominated as public domain.

Last year, the parliament unanimously approved the Public Domain legislation and the Planning Authority is now nominating 24 sites to be declared public domain. The title on the land would ensure that the public is given the right to enjoy the sites, saving third party rights.

But according to the FKNK, hunters and trappers are worried over the type of access that the legislation could give that could affect owners of private land.

During a meeting which the hunters had held last year with the Ombudsman – over a report entitled ‘Access to the Countryside: The Right to Ramble’ – in which environment commissioner David Pace said the report in no way hinted at the notion that private landowners would be forced to allow passageways for rambling through their property.

FKNK CEO Lino Farrugia said the federation would be meeting parliamentary secretary Chris Agius to discuss the legislation and its implications. Farrugia said the FKNK will revert back to its members with the outcome of the meeting, not excluding putting forward directives to ensure that the right to privacy is not affected.

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