'You know on which door to knock,' water activist tells dismayed official

Facebok lament gives activist opportunity to urge government action on water management

Rain water floods Malta's roads and goes uncollected
Rain water floods Malta's roads and goes uncollected

Heavy rainfall being washed away has had government Brussels envoy Cyrus Engerer voice his disappointment that so many litres of water go to waste.

Engerer’s Facebook missive made as Malta’s roads turned into mini rivers this morning, reflects a widely held concern.

But immediate was the response of long-standing water activist Marco Cremona, an engineer.

Expressing satisfaction that Engerer shared his disappointment publicly, Cremona reminded the government official that he was in a position “to pull some strings”.

Lamenting his many years of trying to press on the authorities the problem of water scarcity and the indiscriminate abuse of ground water sources, Cremona hoped Engerer would go a step further and “take an active interest in the matter”. Cremona has advocated for many years the importance of a water management policy in a country that suffers from a lack of rainfall.

“If you are truly disappointed at the situation, you know on which door to knock. I have been knocking those doors, for 25 years now, with limited success,” Cremona said.

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