GreenPak CEO advising Chile on implementation of new recycling laws

Chile wants to introduce new recycling rules and is looking towards European countries like Malta for guidance

GreenPak CEO Mario Schembri
GreenPak CEO Mario Schembri

Chile has asked Maltese waste management expert Mario Schembri to assist in the implementation of new recycling regulations in the South American country.

Schembri, the CEO of GreenPak, was asked by the not-for-profit organisation EXPRA (Extended Responsibility Alliance) to provide insight based on his experience of recycling regulations already in force in Malta.

Chile wants to introduce rules that oblige companies to set up and finance the collection of post-consumer waste, with packaging waste and tyres being priority waste streams.

Speaking at a conference in Santiago, Chile, Schembri stressed the importance of setting ambitious targets for producer responsibility coupled with establishing “an appropriate infrastructure for the separation and subsequent safe disposal or reuse of recyclable materials”.

In Malta, recycling cooperative GreenPak has extensive experience in this field and is responsible for collecting thousands of tonnes of packaging waste, electrical goods and batteries put on the Maltese market by over 1,200 companies.

Schembri is a director of EXPRA, the largest association of non-profit management systems in the EU.

The GreenPak CEO said he was delighted to be involved in the introduction of the first legislation of this kind in South America.

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